Ios How to Monitor the Performance of an Employee

It is very hard to keep the top position in any business nowadays. The performance of your employees is a key factor that determines how successfully you can run a business. But, how do you ensure that your employees are performing their daily tasks with full responsibility?

The answer to that is spy apps that can help you keep an eye on the activities of your employees. There are many spy apps that you can use to make sure that your employee is doing his job on time without getting any distraction. 

There are many spy apps that are available in the market and it is very hard for someone to determine which app to use. That is where we come in as we have chosen the best spy app for you that would make a pro spy. The best part is you won’t need to have any technical knowledge but just need to know the top spy apps strategies to get started. 

Part 1: MinSpy- The Best App to Spy On your Employee

MinSpy is one of the most popular spy apps that is available both for android and iPhones. It is used by millions of users and has been featured in Forbes, Yahoo News, Techtiems, ilounge, and many other popular websites.

MinSpy is very popular among people because of the number of useful features that it provides to its users. Compared to other spy apps MinSpy is very easy to use and provides far more options to their customers making spying very easy for regular people.  

Part 2: What Makes MinSpy The Best Spy App?

In this era of technology, you are bombarded with options, and believe me when I say I have tried them all. MinSpy is the one that I would recommend to you if you want to know what your employees are up to. 

2.1 You Can Spy On Both Android And Iphones

You would have to get two different subscriptions to plan but using MinSpy you can keep an eye on the activities of all your employees. Your employees would be using either an android phone or an iPhone and you don’t have to use two different apps to spy on them if you go with MinSpy. 

2.2 Your Employee Data is Safe

There are many spy apps available but most of them you can’t trust. It is very important that you select a spy app that gives you the assurance that the data of your employees are safe. MinSpy gives you just that and that is why it is trusted by millions of people worldwide. 

We understand how necessary it is to protect the personal data of your employees like banking details, personal emails, and other important documents. MinSpy doesn’t store any data of its users and even Minspy employees don’t have access to check the messages of the people you are spying on.  

2.3 Spy On Their Social Media Accounts

MinSpy is not just a spy app for text messages. You can use MinSpy to check all their social media messages like Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat which lets you know if they are chatting with their friends when they should be working. It is a complete solution for everything and you would know exactly what all your employee is doing behind your back. 

Secrecy is very important in trade and commerce and that’s why MinSpy is an important tool for you. You would know at all times if your employee is sharing any insider secret with your competitors. 

2.4 Know Location of Your Employees

If your employees are doing sales jobs or traveling-based jobs, then it is vital for you to know their locations at all times. MinSpy has a feature that can show you the location of your employees in real-time. It is very easy to use and comes with no added cost.   

2.5 Special Pricing Plans for Business

MinSpy has many pricing plans and one of them is specially designed for business enterprises. You can save a lot of money by selecting that plan and it comes both for Android and iPhone users. Compared to the competitors of MinSpy, they offer a very reasonable price for all the amazing services that they are providing.   

Part 3: How to Use MinSpy?

It is very simple to use MinSpy and I would recommend watching the demo first before using MinSpy. It is a free video demo that would get you familiar with the interface. 

3.1 Spying on Iphones Using MinSpy

One of the best things about using MinSpy for iPhones is that you don’t need to do the initial jailbreak that many other spy apps require. You can use MinSpy on Iphones or Ipad devices that use an IOS7 version or higher. 

It is possible to hack the iPhones of your employees without even installing the app on their iPhones. You would just need to know their iCloud credentials to do that. 

Step 1: Create a MinSpy account and subscribe to the business plan for iPhones. 

Step 2: Verify the iCloud credentials of your employee iPhones. 

Step 3: In the dashboard button you would need to click the start button and you would be able to check all the messages of your employees. 

3.2 Spying on Android Using MinSpy

If your employee uses an Android phone you would need to install the app on their phone. The icon would disappear instantly and the app won’t drain any resources. Your employee won’t have any idea that he is being spied on. 

Step 1: Create a MinSpy account and subscribe to their android business subscription plan. 

Step 2: Install the app on your employee phone. 

Step 3: Press the start button from the MinSpy dashboard and start receiving all the messages that your employee gets. 


It is a very good idea to use MinSpy if you decide to spy on your employee. All other spy apps fail in comparison to MinSpy. Your employee will be clueless and also their data would be protected while you would be able to time-track every movement of your employee.


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