Reasons to Use QR Codes in Marketing Campaigns

iving in a digital era, you must have come across QR codes unless you live under a rock. Over 11 million people scan QR codes daily for different purposes, and by 2024, the growth will reach up to 88%.

QR codes hold a massive impact not only on consumers but also on businesses. The “Quick Response” or the QR codes have countless benefits for marketing campaigns.

Any smart device can read QR codes. Marketers use QR codes to engage the audience and provide them with marketing information. 

This guide will explain why you should use QR codes for marketing campaigns.

Highly Accessible:

Below mentioned points will illustrate how accessible QR codes are;

  • QR code growth analysis shows 91% of iOS devices have a built-in QR code scanner. On the other hand, Android devices can also scan QR codes with the latest update.
  • 95% of households have smart devices. It indicates the wide-spectrum use of QR codes.
  • Besides sharing on social media posts, you can place QR codes anywhere, like, magazines, banners, and posters.
  • 41% of people find contactless payment with QR codes handier than the traditional mode.

QR codes help connect the audience with the brand. You can read customers’ behavior and engagement rate with the right marketing strategy.


Another factor that makes QR codes a long-term and effective marketing campaign is they are trackable. Businesses keep track of the number of scans the QR codes get- Not only the scanning count but also the unique scans and scanning location.

Tracking scan helps create lead funnels. The business tracks the scans versus the conversion rate with these valuable insights.


The widely used way to bring the audience to the landing pages is by sharing the URLs. Typing URLs is not only time-consuming but also introduces errors. Suppose a customer copied and pasted a URL and accidentally added a symbol to the code. This error will ruin the marketing campaign.

QR codes, on the other hand, are error-free. They are easy to share and save. The customers can save the QR codes with their friends’ circle.


And, of course, how can we neglect the importance of the cost factor? You need to pay at least 50 cents per poster to get your posters printed. For 1000 posters, it will make around $500. Besides the cost, printing posters is paper waste. 

QR codes, on the other hand, are cost-efficient. You only pay for one code generation and use the same for your marketing campaign by sharing it. Some online QR code generators are free. However, we won’t recommend this option for your business due to security issues.


Do you want to share your new 5000 wine bottle list with everyone? Use QR codes. You can use dynamic QR codes that can be used anywhere without restrictions. 

QR codes not only let you share more content but better content. You can add video and audio content to your QR codes to engage the customers. Even interactive features like polls, social media profiles, requests for reviews, and comment areas are possible.

Your QR code marketing becomes dynamic with interactive content, which helps you quickly grow your social media presence.


QR codes are the digital way to improve your marketing campaign and a solution to endpaper waste. Every year, 150 million pounds of paper is wasted in poster making.

QR codes, on the other hand, are eco-friendly marketing tools. You can add images, documents, and videos to your generated codes by sharing them around the globe without any restriction.

How to Create QR Codes?

You will get hundreds of ways to create QR codes for free online. However, these ways are illegitimate due to security issues. The best way to convert QR codes is by choosing a reliable QR code maker. is the best QR code generator in the business. Following the step-by-step process on the screen, you can get your QR code within 30 seconds. You can track the performance of your QR code to keep a record. Moreover, the generated QR codes can be used unlimited times.


Besides marketing campaigns, businesses can use QR codes for events, sharing information, restaurant menus, discount offers, contactless payment, and more. QR codes are a must-have tool for business marketing campaigns. Lastly, choose as your best QR code maker.


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