4 Reasons Why Marketo Email Marketing Can Be Highly Beneficial

  • Updated on January 6, 2023
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Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools today, and it will for sure continue to be in the future. 

It is a marketing tool that allows you to build extremely important and effective relationships with prospects, leads, current, and past customers. Email marketing gives you the chance to speak to all of them directly in their inbox, and if the messaging is appropriately written, it can be one of the most effective marketing channels. 

That is why here we will see why email marketing platforms can be highly beneficial and effective for your company’s business. Let’s start. 

You Will Increase Brand Awareness

Email marketing allows you to increase brand awareness in a simple way quickly. And even though you may think that social media is the best platform to raise awareness, you are mistaken. By possessing a customer’s email address, you know they showed a level of interest in your services and products, and this gives you the chance to increase the brand awareness a step further by increasing the interest level of what you have to offer.

Of course, this does not mean that you should send many emails to one customer in a single day, and that is why it is wise to use drip email marketing which can be a series of automated emails sent to prospects or customers that have taken a specific action.

In essence, the goal is not just to sell something but also to increase brand awareness as much as possible. When you do that, you will also start to build a special relationship with the customer, and even more importantly, you will build trust. 

Everyone or Almost Everyone Has an Email Address

Many studies have shown that more than 90% of consumers have an email address, and most of them use it for many different reasons. Furthermore, email gives you a unique chance to reach many customers since you can provide them with new services and products, discounts, special offers, and a lot more. Also, they can share or forward the emails you send to other people that are also prospective customers.

Since we mentioned brand awareness, here, the same advantage also applies since if you have a good marketing strategy, it will motivate the customers to share the offers you provide.

In addition, it is valuable to mention that email marketing is extremely important in the B2B market since many studies show that it is one of the most effective forms of communication because more than 70% of companies use it to communicate. 

You Can Create Target Messaging

Yet another vital aspect of email marketing is the fact that you can use target messaging. It is more than essential to mention that it is best to use practical grammar tools when composing since even with sound research if the mail is not structured well, you won’t get any results. 

So, the primary idea is that your prospects are having various stages of the buying process, and some are in the consideration stage, some in research, and some are ready to buy something. That is why you should create buyer personas that will help you decide what type of content you have to create for every step.   

After you do this, you will have the advantage of being able to target these groups a lot more effectively. All customers, or at least a significant number of them, need info to motivate them to go forward to the next buying process, and your content can push them to do precisely that. In essence, you have to move the prospective customers down your sales funnel as efficiently as you can. Target messaging is highly beneficial, and it will continue to be in the future exactly because everything is online. According to Statista, the consumer data company, by 2025, more than 4.6 billion people will use email. 

It is Really Easy to Measure

Another beneficial aspect of email marketing is the fact that you can track prospective customers after you send out your campaign. Some of the crucial things you can track are unsubscribe rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, delivery rates, and open rates. Of course, this gives you a much better idea of how your email campaign is functioning and if it is suitable for your goal or whether you should get rid of it altogether.    

Still, even though email marketing campaign metrics are essential and should not be ignored, it is good to be aware that a lot depends on the type of industry and target audience. If customers want emails every day, you should give them that privilege, but in any case, sending too many emails to people that don’t want more than once a week will motivate them to unsubscribe, and you will lose them. That is why doing research and knowing your customers is always important and beneficial. 


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