Why are Startup Conferences Worth Attending?

  • Updated on January 19, 2023
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Are you a startup founder? Participation in the best startup conferences can become a magic door for you in the world of professional connections, business expertise, grants, and funds.

Every year thousands of people that share the same goals, interests, and values gather in the different points of the globe to “shape tomorrow”:

  • get and exchange new ideas and discuss them;
  • apply top-level specialists` expertise in the definite fields;
  • get acquainted and support new prospective projects;
  •  inspire IT entrepreneurs for innovations.

The startup conferences are special events where the industry leaders share up-to-date information with the audience, investors look for prospective projects and new startup owners get a chance to pitch their projects and gain expert feedback (and even money).

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As a place with highly concentrated information, social and practical support, the best startup conferences can boost your business processes and enrich you with new perspectives.

Why Startup Conferences Can be Helpful for Founders

Let’s have a look in detail at why it can be helpful for startup founders. Attending this kind of event you can:

Learn Something New and Try to Think Outside the Box.

Embroden your vision of the project and define its place in the business ecosystem. First-hand expertise in the industry you get from speakers enables you to re-think all the aspects concerning startup: from business model to marketing and design. No doubt you can learn something you can apply in practice to improve your startup business. Startup events give you a unique opportunity to observe and explore business evolution: from inception to success in the market.

 Expand Your Network.

You’ll meet a lot of knowledgeable people from different countries with different expertise domains. If you won’t forget to add them to your list of contacts, you can develop post-conference relationships and who knows how helpful they will turn out in the future. For example, some supportive industry insiders in marketing, PR, or mass media can help later with the promotion of your company.

To Get Expert Feedback.

Aimed at helping startup owners, the event facilitates you to meet a mentor whose expertise aligns with your business interest. By taking an alternative angle to your startup business you can find out meaningful insights leading to success.

You can clarify a bunch of things regarding your startup as you can ask questions that will take a lot of time to be answered by reading a special book or just cannot be answered this way.

Find Highly Motivated Colleagues in Your Team.

 What’s better than like-minded people who share your vision and mission and have all demanded skills and impressive backgrounds? The possibility to encounter miscellaneous talents and recruit them is very high.

Find Partners.

One more surprising benefit you can experience while attending the conference is to meet companies to collaborate in different fields regarding your business purposes. For example, new suppliers in your service project or genius marketing team to skyrocket traffic. No one can predict.

Communicate Directly to Potential Customers

You can learn what people think of your project and where the door for enhancement Qualitative feedback on your idea, got immediately, will help you to avoid mistakes: excessive features or undesirable complexities, for example.

Get a Wide Mass Media Support.

Such events are a magnet for a wide range of journalists, bloggers, and TV reporters. You can be lucky to tell the world about your innovation in its inception stage attracting the attention of potential clients and a supportive community.

Find Financial Support.

It can be a special prize won in a startup battle or money from venture capitalists. For example, in EU-Startups Summit 15 startup enthusiasts pitch their projects for 3 minutes. And the author of the best presentation gets  €85 000 for the realization of plans.

Become Charged with Inspiration and Motivation.

When someone who has done it shares in person his success story it forces you to believe that your aim is achievable. An unsurpassable atmosphere caused by the synergy of thousands of excited and purposeful people gives you powerful emotional and social support.

Have a Bit of Rest.

Breaking routine is a great way to get refreshed. In the evenings many of these events have an amazing program. And as they are held mostly in cool places you’ll sometimes feel like you’re on vacation.


The startup conferences are held in three ways: offline, online, and mixed format.

Because of the pandemic, some of the traditionally «physical format» events became virtual. The positive side of this change is cheaper tickets and access from anywhere.

The benefits of physical presence are obvious: you’re more concentrated on information, you can communicate with participants in person, you get more experience through visual, audial, and kinesthetic channels. For many of us, it’s preferable.

Online events have their own advantages: you don’t need to worry about different restrictions caused by pandemics. And sometimes it’s easier to get contacts of definite people you could miss in live-and-in-person events. By anyways, it’s a matter of your choice how to pick all the low-hanging fruits the startup events offer.

EU-Startups Summit,  May 12-13, 2022 

is an exciting event for European entrepreneurs that brings together the most interesting ideas and opportunities.

Who Participates

Blooming Barcelona expects to attract 1500 attendees: tech company and media representatives,  startup founders, business angels, and investors from all across Europe.

Why Participate

70+ speakers  – the most successful European tech entrepreneurs are ready to teach you to launch a successful business. Among previous well-known guests are Oscar ​Pierre, CEO, and co-founder of fast-growing service Glovo,  Frederic Mazzella, co-founder BlaBlaCar and many other contemporary business owners. The event is considered to have one of the best startup-investor ratios. 

How to Take Part

Book the ticket on the official website. The ticket price starts from €149.

South Summit (June 8-10, 2022, Madrid)

is another event in a picturesque location. But next year you can attend this event online as well.

Who Participates

Government of Spain, tech companies, media representatives, startup owners, investors.

Why Participate

The battle between the 100 most innovative startups for the winner’s place in the ecosystem is a way to get the best from the rivals and pitch to international investors. The opportunity to win first clients or establish strategic alliances empowers startups to develop faster and efficiently.

How to Take Part

Book the ticket on the official website. Black Friday price: €29\239 

TechCrunch Disrupt (October 18-20, 2022,San Francisco)

one of the largest and world-famous events due to its Startup Battlefield when business founders build their projects in real-time in front of an audience and judges. The prize is 100,000$.

Who Participates

The conference brings together investors and entrepreneurs, hackers, and developers from all over the world. The organizators are proud of the startup stars’ names: Zuckerberg, Benioff, Musk, Kalanick.

How to Take Part 

Subscribe to their website in order not to miss the tickets sales. The startup selection has already been closed.

These three are what came to my mind now. But if you want to learn more about the best startup conferences, follow the link. Here you can read about 15 upcoming events in detail.

In some conferences, the number of participants is strongly limited. That’s why you’d rather book your ticket in advance. In dependence on the scale and popularity of the event the ticket price can vary from 79 dollars to 1000 and more.

Regardless of the scale of your project and the stage of its development you can find something precious in this temporary community.

Many startup business owners assume these kinds of meetings as insightful and most rewarding events. It often is the key to success — to appear in front of the right people at the right time.


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