Why Localization is Essential for Your App

It’s hard to imagine your life without smartphones these days. A mobile phone is super handy and grows more useful by the day. Mobile apps can help you solve a variety of everyday tasks – from counting steps, ordering food, or shopping online to learning languages and planning travel. People around the world recognize the usefulness of smart mobile devices and applications they can have on hand, and, as a result, demand for well-translated apps is constantly on the rise.

Nowadays many businesses run their projects, programs, applications on iOS and Android systems. Companies that plan to expand their scale consider translation and localization of their applications, which are required if their product is to attract a global audience; for that purpose, they can hire iOS programmer. Today we will discuss app localization as well as its purpose, so stay tuned for more details.

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In Detail About Localization

Localization is the translation and cultural adaptation of a product (in this case, an application or program) to the peculiarities of a particular country, its population, customs, traditions, linguistic norms, etc. As a result, the localized product looks as natural as possible for a foreign user.

App localization includes an adaptation of both text and graphics. With a high-quality translation, a user sees information completely in his native language, presented sequentially, with usual data formats that are common to them (date, time, currency, etc.) 

Such translation nuances can be properly accounted for only by a professional translator who has experience in this field. You can find good translation service companies review online, carefully choosing a service you can trust.

How is Localization Done?

There is much advice for proper app localization online, so we will only briefly focus on describing its process. However, if you are curious about more helpful advice on application adaptation, check out these 8 tips for mobile app localization that will make this process easier for you.

When app adaptation to a new language is done, it demands meticulous work. First, the app’s resources are carefully studied, as well as their goals, objectives, main characteristics, etc. After the translator fully understands the material he is working with, he performs the initial translation. At his stage, prepared localization is analyzed, while all mistakes are spotted and removed. After the translation is done, it is reviewed against local norms, linguistic nuances, governmental requirements, design specifications, etc. before the localization may be considered complete. Images, slogans, brand translations, layout, or other elements may be re-designed to match the requirements of a local audience. 

Why You Should Localize Your App ASAP

Any mobile applications for iOS and Android should be adapted as much as possible for the target foreign market and country they will be launched. Several reasons make this process to be always in demand, which includes:

  • Localized application in more user-friendly for the target audience;
  • Properly localized content has a better marketing effect. 
  • Any remaining problems with an app, including those with content, of technical, graphic, or marketing nature, are identified and eliminated.
  • The pool of potential users is greatly expanded.
  • Resources that might have otherwise been spent on new app creation are saved.
  • Your app can be properly promoted to foreign audiences by search engines.

Specialists will translate all elements of the app – texts, software elements, illustrations, pop-up windows with notifications, and adapt the product to the peculiarities of the target audience. 


Nothing will help your application transcend the local market and surpass local limitations for growth as well-done localization. If your goal is to venture into new territory and get some global recognition, you should strongly consider localizing your product and sharing it with the world – the fruits of such actions can be truly remarkable!

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