What Makes Emaar Beachfront Tick, and What’s its Flavor?

A place where the sea and sky embrace, waves and wind dance together, and the sand underfoot sparkles like a million tiny diamonds

The Dubai Harbor project also plans to build a large cruise terminal to accommodate up to 6,000 passengers at a time. It will allow Dubai to become one of the largest cruise centers in the world. In addition, Emaar Beachfront in Dubai has the world’s first Royal Atlantis Resort & Residences, which offers more than 230 guest rooms and over 700 apartments and villas.

The area is close to popular tourist attractions Dubai Fountain and Buri Khalifa – the tallest building in the world.

Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. More than 16.7 million tourists visited the city in 2019, up 5.1% from the previous year.

The UAE is one of the most stable and prosperous economies in the Middle East. According to the IMF, UAE’s GDP growth is expected to reach 3.1% in 2021 and 4.4% in 2022.

Unique Charms, Proximity to the Sea, Tranquil Parks, and Beyond

Emirates Hospitals & Clinics and Aster Clinic are two medical institutes available to guests and residents. 

In addition, there are many places for public use: sports fields, beaches, parks, fountains, and much more. The most famous are Dubai Marina Walk, The Beach at JBR, Ain Dubai, and Dubai Harbour.

In general, the infrastructure at Emaar Beachfront is modern and developed. Emaar Beachfront allows residents and visitors to the area to enjoy high-quality services and amenities in their daily lives.

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Reasons to Choose Emaar Beachfront are as Clear as the Blue Ocean

The Bustling Ecosystem of Conveniences, Shops, Restaurants, Medical Establishments, and Other Essential Services

Emaar Beachfront is in an ideal location on the Persian Gulf. It is 20 minutes from Dubai Airport and 45 minutes from Abu Dhabi Airport.

The area is also within driving distance of the famous Dubai Marina and several major shopping malls, such as Dubai Marina Mall and the Mall of the Emirates.

The parks and green areas of South Beach are now available for public use. Dubai Harbour Central Park is scheduled to open at the end of 2023.

The largest Ferris wheel in the world, Ain Dubai, will open in the area in 2023.

As such, Emaar Beachfront is the ideal location for those looking for beachfront living with easy access to all the amenities of the city. This area is suitable for those who want to enjoy walks in the parks and the promenade with beautiful views.

Natural Landscapes and the Splendour of the Environment

The Emaar Beachfront area has many green parks. Many species of wildlife live there. For example, South Beach Park was created in 2021 and is within walking distance of the residential towers. This park covers an area of 14,000 square meters and is an ideal place for outdoor recreation.

To get to the Emaar Beachfront area, you can use various modes of transport. Dubai International Airport is only 32 kilometers away. You can drive from Emaar Beachfront to the city center in 20-25 minutes. In addition, the area also has plenty of public transport links, buses, and metros to provide connections with other areas of Dubai.

The Cost and Affordability of Housing in the Area

Real Estate Prices in this Area

Prices for penthouses can reach over 30 million dirhams depending on their size and location.

In addition, the cost in the area depends on the market situation and changes in the country’s economy. However, on average, property prices in Emaar Beachfront are relatively stable and high. It makes the area attractive to investors and property buyers.

To Cut a Long Story Short

Please note that the Emaar Beachfront property is a high-end product. The area offers different types of housing and infrastructure. The area is attractive to a variety of buyers.

Pay attention to the high level of security, landscaping, and the presence of many green areas and parks.

Buying a property in Emaar Beachfront is an excellent investment because property values tend to rise in the area. The average price per square foot of housing in 2022 was $550. It is higher than in neighboring areas.

Prospects for the District’s Growth and Evolution

The prospects for the development of the Emaar Beachfront area are very encouraging. As of 2023, Emaar Properties continues to be actively working on upcoming projects in the area. One of the most recent projects is Emaar Beach Vista. It is a complex of two towers with 33 floors. There will be apartments with one to four bedrooms.

In addition, Emaar Properties plans to build an ambitious high-rise residential complex The Grand Bleu Tower. According to the developers, the residential complex will feature more than 500 apartments, penthouses, and townhouses, as well as more than ten restaurants and cafes.

Residents will also be able to enjoy new parks and green spaces. There will be continued development of Dubai’s infrastructure, which is already one of the world’s most modern and developed. New shops, restaurants, medical centers, and schools will be built in the Emaar Beachfront area.

The area is developing rapidly. Emaar Beachfront is an attractive area for those who want to invest in real estate with high growth potential. As of 2023, real estate prices in the area continue to rise. These are favorable prospects for investors.

Visit the website to explore real estate in the Emaar Beachfront area in more detail. If you are looking for a place to invest, investing in a property in Emaar Beachfront is an excellent choice! Moreover, buying a property in the Emaar Beachfront area is a long-term investment decision. Buying a property here is an opportunity to create a stable and reliable source of income. Don’t miss your chance to start living in an entirely different way in this unique area and enjoy all Emaar Beechront has to offer!


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