How to Sell on Google Cloud Platform?

  • Updated on September 6, 2021
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Cloud computing has become a need of an hour for many businesses as their primary driving force. Nowadays, apps are aimed to improve performance, cut-down costs, and modernize their layout. There are several benefits of using the Google Cloud Platform marketplace and some of them are; this computing platform offers good storage options, better networking and computing, and huge databases to store information safely. Besides this, the platform offers different ways of networking, for example, cloud DNS, load balancing, virtual private cloud, and many different unique features. Businesses get benefits of IoT and machine learning workloads.

Top Reasons for Using the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace 

After the development of Kubernetes apps management, Google has some exceptional offerings in application “container deployments”. This is one of the top reasons that the GCP marketplace provides high-end cloud computing deals with machine learning, AI, analytics, and big data. With this, businesses and customers can take advantage from vast scale-up options and load balancing. For Google, it is not very difficult to understand what the data centers require today and offer the best response times for all their services and solutions.

With some clicks on Google Compute Engine, the GCP Marketplace offers the most unique and customized way of deploying common software deals and stacks. In this GCP marketplace guide, you will learn to launch and network your Marketplace service with help of Google Cloud Platform. 

Steps to Sell on The GCP marketplace

Coming on our question of how to sell on the GCP marketplace, let us check out here:

Here we will look at 4 primary steps to follow and sell over Google Cloud Platform Marketplace. With this, you can immediately start selling on this cloud platform:

1. List your application on GCP

The first and more important step is submitting your business application on the GCP Marketplace. Your business needs to get listed on this network if you want to sell it. Thus, your first step will be listing your application on the GCP Marketplace. 

There are a few things that you need to consider when applying, ensure you have properly reviewed, and checked all the features and details when listing your application. Make sure you have fulfilled the requirements of the GCP marketplace for your app packaging and configured your billing options too.

2. Upload container images

For your next step, you have to pass verification tests and upload the images. As per the Google guidelines for managing the releases, it is important to pass the verification tests that will ensure that uploaded images are properly tagged with its release track & model numbers.

Then you have to forward all the images to the Container Registry Repository, where it will properly get stored out. Make sure you add the release on GCP Marketplace and then only your business or app will get listed on GCP Marketplace Partner Portal.

3. Add software solution

For your next step, you have to start adding the software solution that you have got it ready for selling in the GCP Marketplace Partner Portal. Also, make sure you add all the marketing details for the software and business solution in this portal and establish the product versions you are looking to list. The process is not very difficult, you just have to follow the instructions very carefully and within no time you will be able to start selling on the GCP marketplace. 

4. Get Approval from Google

In your final stage, you just have to submit the software solutions to Google Cloud Platform Marketplace. At this stage, the GCP Marketplace team will go through automated testing and verify the software or app solutions just to make sure your product is worth getting sold. The testing will include complete security scanning, operation testing, and integration testing and then if your product passes this testing, you will be qualified to sell on the GCP marketplace. 

Besides this, the team will go through the deployment flow, user manual, marketing materials, and security features of your software solutions. When you get the approval of going ahead with the software then you can start selling your solutions at the GCP Marketplace.


So, as you have seen these are some important steps that every business or user has to pass through if they are looking to sell on GCP Marketplace.


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