5 Tips to Increase Real Estate Sales in 2023

  • Updated on January 6, 2023
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Real estate marketing is the ability to make the object more attractive in the eyes of the target audience, it is a set of measures that promote the sale of real estate at a better price and in the shortest possible time. Under modern conditions, the goal can no longer be achieved simply by using standard marketing techniques. You need to look for new ways to promote and advertise the object in the market.

If 10 years ago developers could afford to be conservative, nowadays any company operating in this field is trying to lure customers to its competitors, using creative ideas and the latest technologies related to reputation improvement, branding, and advertisement.

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In this article, we are going to cover how to increase real estate sales nowadays by using different online marketing tools effectively. 

Effective online marketing Channels for Real Estate Sales

One should never stop looking for new marketing options and updating old ones. This is a harsh reality: any advertising campaign or marketing policy requires constant change, as over time they become uninteresting to the user, and their CTR (clickability) goes to zero.

In 2023, the real estate market competition continues to intensify, so in the struggle for the client, companies must use a mix of offline and online channels. 

5 online channels to increase real estate sales:

  • Search reputation management
  • SMS marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Сontextual advertising
  • Content marketing


In any business, reputation is a key principle of decision-making. The peculiarities of its management are the constant two-way interaction between the brand, the developer, and the individual or target audience. Reputation management is based on a comprehensive program with the support of experienced brand managers. 

An effective reputation marketing strategy involves creating and streamlining missions and messages that reveal values, and ethical standards that meet the requirements of the target audience.

Search Reputation Management or SERM is a tool that is needed to create a positive image of a company, brand, any community, or individual if this person is in public. SERM is a set of techniques used to create a positive “face” of the brand in cyberspace (if for some reason its reputation was damaged). 

Most companies start using SERM when it “smells something fishy” and start correcting the situation. By using this tool constantly, you will not only help prevent sales from falling but also increase sales. This channel is closely related to PR, SMM, and SEO and requires a redistribution of budget between them. 

SMS Marketing

Sending text messages is highly efficient because everyone carries gadgets in their pockets. With such mailings, companies often notify their customers of new arrivals, discounts, and promotions, thus attracting new users along the way. 

It is important to keep a balance of interest and publish only useful information. Real estate marketing requires you to stay updated and it’s easy to do when you’re on a potential customer’s smartphone.

Social Media

Social networks allow not only to place advertisements and information related to the activities of the brand but also directly include the personal presence of the sales consultant. Direct contact with the client and the ability to communicate in most cases means a lot. 

The more networks you run, the more time you will need to maintain your presence there. The social media pages that represent you need to be constantly updated to keep them relevant to your customers. Most customers will look at the activity of social networking before making a conclusion about your company. 

Social networking is a chance to showcase your brand and build relationships, but it’s not a way for aggressive marketing. As in real life, your actions, words, and initiatives reflect your brand and affect your image.

Branding of residential complexes and individual houses is becoming almost a mandatory element in promoting and stimulating the sale of real estate. It’s about creating a name that will be remembered and deciding on positioning and promotion that will be different from what competitors have. Branding is about creating an interesting story for a new building and spreading the history or legend of the old.

Сontextual Advertising

Contextual advertising is familiar to all Internet users. This is a channel with one of the fastest ways to obtain leads. This type of advertising is aimed at potential buyers who are ready to buy an apartment, it remains only to make them an offer that they can not decline. It is one of the most budget-intensive tools to promote real estate, where there is a fierce struggle for the attention of buyers. 

In order for contextual advertising to be as effective as possible, it is necessary to focus on the buyer who needs an apartment in a particular residential complex. To increase efficiency, you should use medium-frequency and low-frequency queries with location and other criteria, as well as queries from competitors and brands. To achieve maximum CTR, it’s important to work on your ads regularly, changing your content to include new promotions and special offers.

Content Marketing

Content marketing should be divided into promotion through guest posting and through your blog. For guest posting the content should be a variety of information that will directly or indirectly promote the product, win news, and maintain a constant customer base. This is not direct advertising, there may be no call to buy, but with the help of reviews, articles, and video conferencing will form an attractive image of the brand or company.

Your own company’s blog should be interesting and informative for your audience and open to comments. Again, think about what is relevant to your customers and potential customers. If its content adheres to a certain topic, the blog is able to attract and retain the interest of its audience. Articles that you publish need to be strengthened in every possible way, to publish them on pages and thematic groups in social networks and forums.

Finally, The Important Thing is…

… that by using multiple sales channels, you need to understand that the customer does not come from a single source of advertising. There is a whole map of customer behavior before he makes a purchase (Customer journey map). 

Once a customer sees your Google Ads banner and goes to the site, he or she will think about making a call. Seeing your billboard on the way to work, and then posting on Facebook, the clients will form a positive opinion of your company. 

When they are ready to buy and type in a search bar “buy an apartment”, they see your advertising snippet, and finally decide to buy from you! Sounds like a positive scenario, right? But, only by applying multiple channels and modern trends in marketing can you be sure – your buyer comes to you.


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