Spectrum.com Vs Spectrum.net – Are They Same?

  • Updated on September 7, 2021
  • Tech

It’s easy to get confused when you hear the words spectrum.com and spectrum.net. Some people don’t know the function of both sites, while others wonder if they are legit.  Whether you are a subscriber of Spectrum Internet and/cable plans or you are hoping to sign up, this blog takes you into all the details to be sure you know everything.

With its services spanned over 44 different states, the company has more than one million active subscribers throughout the country. It is also known as the second-largest cable operator in the company and the third-largest TV operator. Not only this, but the provider is also known as the fifth largest home company. In 2019, Charter ranked no.70 on the Fortune 500 lists of the largest corporation in America by total revenue. No wonder households in America love this company!

Spectrum.com with spectrum.net both are the legit sites of Charter Spectrum. Each one has a different purpose, though. They are not the same. 

What is Spectrum.com?

This is Charter’s official website that’s available to everyone within the United States. It displays extensive information on the Internet, cable as well as phone packages. You can explore the packages in each category and even check out the bundles. You will also find promotional offers for new and existing customers. 

The website is quite easy to navigate. If you would like to see what offers are available in your area, scroll down to the bottom of the site’s homepage and choose your state. To narrow things down, enter your zip code, and you will be taken to the offers, bundles, and plans available in your region. 

The site is also available in Spanish. Simply click the “en Espanol” button located about the main header and browse the site in Spanish. 

What is Specturm.net?

Unlike Spectrum.com, Specturm.net is for subscribers only. Let’s say you are not a customer, can you still access the site? Yes, you can, but in order to proceed, you will need a username and password, which is offered to customers only. These credentials are created once you sign up for a cable, TV and/or Internet plan.

This site is like a one-stop-shop that lets you check your billing details, pay the bill, check the equipment status, connect to an agent online (this eliminates the need to call customer support from a landline or smartphone), and perform other service-related actions. 

It can be said that it’s like a desktop version of the Spectrum TV app. Apart from managing your account, you can also watch TV from this online portal. Not only can you watch live TV, check your library, and use the TV guide, you can also watch on-demand shows and access DVR. All of this and so much more are available through this portal.

Are They Any Good?

Of course, they are. If you are thinking of signing up for Spectrum’s services but you would first like to explore what they are offering, there is no better way of figuring this out than checking their official website. There is no need to call customer support who might entice you with their promotions before you are even sure what you want. Scroll through the site and decide what you want.

Similarly, the net. version is perfect for managing your account, starting from checking your account summary and managing your billing details. The portal also offers support on your TV, Internet, and home services. 

Summing Up

Spectrum.com and Specturm.net have different purposes. They are two sites of the same company. The .com version is for all potential as well as existing customers who want to learn about the standalone packages and bundles from the provider. On the contrary, the .net version is exclusively for Spectrum TV, Internet, or phone customers. It’s like your online portal to perform service-related actions. Both sites are user friendly and all information is accessible with just a few clicks.


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