How to Save Money on Medical Bills?

  • Updated on January 11, 2023
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Life is uncertain and unfortunate sometimes. For instance, when there comes a medical emergency. You not only go through a health crisis but also experience financial anxiety. Nothing is more depressing than watching yourself drown in debts. That’s the case for many unless you are rich or the clinic has a great medical billing company to save you from over-expense. 

Now that we said this much, is there a way to not meet this situation? Is there a way to not get one step near your bankruptcy and get the best treatment too? A way to get out of this emergency with minimal expenditure?

The answer is yes. If you get prepared beforehand, you can overcome this hard time, too. But how you can get prepared? Well, read along!

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Get Insurance

If you are young and healthy, we suggest you get health insurance now to avail of plans at lower rates and utilize the advantages till you grow older. But, how will health insurance benefit you? 

Now that we are seeing lifestyle diseases are getting more common among people. Illnesses like diabetes, obesity, respiratory problems, and heart disease are common in the younger generation. It is not surprising that with a sedentary lifestyle, stress, pollution, unhealthy eating habits, gadget addiction, undisciplined lives, and much more, we are getting towards hopelessness.

If you take measures from today and remove every unhealthy thing from your life, you can avoid lifestyle diseases. However, if you meet an unfortunate incident, you will have to undergo all the treatments and tests. To cope-up with these expenses, you can invest in premium health insurance to cover all your bills and even provide you with in-networking services.

You can also opt for securing your entire family under the same policy rather than investing in different plans. Think of elders in your family; they are more vulnerable to illness. Thus, investing in good health insurance will take the responsibility of medical bills off your shoulders and save you money. 

Double-Check Your Medical Bills

There is one thing we suggest everyone do before paying is to double-check their whatever bills. 

There are chances of errors and services billed that you did not avail. In one study, around 40% of medical bills were found confusing and incorrect by the patients. Thus, it is always better to review all your service charges. 

Set Up Emergency Funds

Saving up is always a good idea. Planning ahead can always keep you prepared for all the unexpected events of life. Whether or not the thought of medical bills leading you to a financial crisis bothers you, set up emergency funds.

Set aside some money from your monthly payment for any future medical bills. Start with $10 or $100, whatever amount seems convenient. Soon, the medical fund will cross the thousand-dollar benchmark, enough to pay for your future medical bills.

If not, at least you will have some amount to back up your finances at the time of emergencies! For this purpose, starting a health savings account is an excellent idea. The HSA is a savings plan for medical expenses only; most employers offer this to their employees. Now that we are speaking of employers, a medical emergency is when you should contact them and ask for any way they can back you up.

Negotiate Your Medical Bills

Always try negotiating with the doctors, hospitals, or any healthcare providers. Some people shy away when it comes to the negotiating part. Even if they are struggling, they do not go for negotiation. 

No matter how hard it looks, always try to negotiate with the healthcare providers. Although different doctors and hospitals will have different ways to handle negotiations, it is always worth trying. 

However, we must point out that bargaining and negotiations are different things. Bargaining is competitive, while the negotiation is analytical and cooperative. What we suggest is that you negotiate and discuss everything beforehand. Ask for any discounts that you can avail of. Also, avoid going through any tests or procedures that are not necessary.

Take notes that rejections are common when it comes to negotiations. However, persistence and patience can bear fruit. If not, then there are many medical billing professionals that you can refer to. 

Pay in Cash

To avoid any mishaps via credit cards, we suggest you always pay in cash! Even with an emergency fund, all set to aid your medical bills can still cost a lot. 

While high-interest payment plans and credit cards sound like an easy approach to medical bill payments, the aftermath of expenses is usually high. 

Also, before making any payment, do the due research. Understand what you are paying for, and in case of any confusion, ask the hospital staff to guide you. Search up the medical costs for all procedures to ensure that the staff is not overcharging. 

Thus, when choosing to pay through credit cards, keep all consequences in mind. Remember, paying in cash is the safer route. 


Finding your way around the medical and health insurance procedures can be daunting. The medicinal field can frustrate and scare you, especially if you struggle financially. Take a deep breath and exhale. Steady your pace, and stay informed. Ask as many questions as it takes for you to be clear on everything. 

We hope our tips to save money on medical bills gave value and helped ease your financial anxiety. To sum things up real quick, we suggested that you get insurance and set up funds. Also, negotiate your bills, pay in cash, and always double-check!

In any case, if there is a need for professional help when it comes to billing, be open to hiring a billing professional, preferably from a reputable medical billing company. 

With all said and done, we hope you and your loved ones stay in good health at all times. God forbid you to come across an unfortunate situation. We hope you can overcome it. If our tips helped you out, be sure to let us know!


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