How to Monitor Someone Remotely Online

In the past, monitoring on people and monitoring was thought to be just for people exceptionally skilled with technology. Recent times have, however, changed the opinion of a lot of people. Thanks to monitoring services gaining popularity recently, time tracking and monitoring have become possible for anyone.

To monitor remotely on someone, you just need to track their cell phones. With the ever-increasing usage of cell phones, this has become a habit for everyone. Online monitoring has also taken advantage of the importance of cell phones.

What is Spyic?

Spyic is a service that can be used for online monitoring on anyone in the world. Spyic is a globally available service. It can be used on any browser from any device. There is no limitation of range, due to which you may not track a cell phone.

Spyic is a highly advanced service in the world of monitor apps. This is because it does not require the use of jailbreak or root to monitor on a phone. Jailbreak and root methods can cause harm to the target mobile phone. Spyic is a safe-to-use service for both the user and the cell phone you wish to monitor on.

Spyic gives customers a lot of ways to monitor anyone they want. You can use Spyic for any type of cell phone. Location tracking, chats and call history, browsing history, and other monitor ways are available in Spyic.

Some of the noticeable monitor features of Spyic are given below.

  • You are tracking the location of cell phones.

You can track the location of a cell phone in multiple ways. Spyic can track cell phones by their cell phone number, GPS, or by SIM card.

  • Keep tabs on texts and calls.

You can view the text conversations and chats as well as call logs.

  • Social media activity

Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and other such social media platforms can be monitored. You can view the cell phone’s activity on social media networks.

  • Keylogging

Keylogging gives you knowledge of the keys and words used more often than others on the device you are monitoring on.

  • Stealth mode

Stealth mode is a self-explanatory feature and one that is quite useful for a monitor service. You can maintain your anonymity while monitoring on a cell phone.

  • Geo-Fence Alert

Geo-fence alert is a new feature used to alert whenever the target enters or leaves an area. The area can be chosen by the person tracking the cell phone.

By all of these features, you can see that Spyic gives users many ways to monitor people. You can use all of these features remotely via the internet. Although, if you do not have internet connectivity, Spyic will not work. The cell phone you are tracking also needs to have an internet connection.

Setting up Spyic

Step 1

The first thing that you need to do is make a Spyic account. You need to use a valid email address to complete the account. When you have made your Spyic account, you can choose the features you wish to use. That concludes the first step.

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Step 2

The next step in the installation process differs for Android cell phones and iPhones.

Spyic Installation for Androids

If you wish to monitor on an Android cell phone, you must install a file on the target cell phone. This is a small file of about 2 MB. Once this file is installed, you have to wait for Spyic to come online for a few minutes.

Spyic Installation for iPhones

Spyic is installed on iPhones and Apple devices entirely remotely. You just need to know the details of an iPhones Cloud storage account to use Spyic on it. Just connect the Cloud storage account of that iPhone to your Spyic account.

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That concludes the installation process of Spyic for both Android devices and Apple devices. As you can see, both methods are relatively easy, but with iPhones, Spyic can be installed without touching the iPhone you wish to monitor on.

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Step 3

When Spyic starts operating, you will be able to use all of the features you chose. The Spyic dashboard will give you access to these monitoring features. The phone you wish to track and its contents are as good as yours.

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With the global availability of Spyic and its stealth mode to keep you anonymous, you can be completely safe while using Spyic. You can monitor and track a cell phone from anywhere in the world.

When you want to stop or uninstall Spyic, uninstalling is different for Android and Apple phones. For Androids, you have to remove the Spyic file that you installed manually. While for Apple phones, you have just to desync the Cloud storage account from the Spyic account.

Pros and Cons of Spyic

There are only a couple of disadvantages of Spyic. Spyic is not free. You have to pay for the features you wish to use. The only other shortcoming of Spyic is its internet connectivity requirement. Without an active internet connection of both the user and the target cell phone, Spyic will not function.

Other than these two drawbacks, Spyic does not have any weaknesses. It is a globally available, remotely active, and online monitoring service. Tons of features, user-friendly operation, and lack of jailbreak or root processes make it the best way to monitor anyone online.


The best alternatives to the Spyic service are Spyier or Minspy. Both of these apps have similar features to Spyic. They are legal to use and have good reputations in the monitor app industry.


Some apps and services offer the ability to monitor remotely and monitor remotely, but not all of them live up to expectations. While online monitoring has become a relatively common feature globally, it is still a task to find a reliable service to do so.Spyic is the most reputable service that one can find when looking to monitor remotely. It is the best way to monitor a person through the use of the internet. There are alternatives to Spyic that give just as many features, but none that quite matches Spyic in performance and reliability.

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