10 Best VIN Decoders to Lookup VIN for Free

Vehicle identification number, known by most people as VIN is a code that the vehicle manufacturer uses to identify the car that they make. Alternatively, this number can be used to find your vehicle in case you ever go looking for it and need to know where it was sold or if someone stole your car or damaged it. It is a universal code that can be used to identify any vehicle. 

The VIN is probably one of the most critical numbers on the car. It allows you to find and identify your vehicle, whether it is stolen or just misplaced. It can also prevent accidents and damage to your vehicle if it is in an accident with another car. The VIN code has 17 characters and is written on a number plate that hangs under the windshield or on a metal plate mounted under the car’s bumper.

This article will show you how to find and decode your VIN code with 10 types of VIN code readers.

After you purchase your VIN decoder, it will come with a UPC barcode that includes the decoded VIN. The barcode can be scanned by entering the code on the manufacturer’s website from which you purchased your product. Alternatively, leverage free VIN check services of the top 10 websites that will decode your VIN code for free and cut yourself some slack.

1. InstantVINreports

At InstantVinreports, we pride ourselves on being the leader in providing vehicle reports that show detailed and comprehensive information about any vehicle. If you are looking for a carfax alternative, then you need Instant VIN Reports.

At InstantVinreports, each report costs just $25, which is way cheaper than Carfax. You get your reports instantly and the reports never expire.

How good is that?

Our vehicle reports include previous owners, odometer readings, market value, vehicle specifications, record of accidents and salvage and title history. You will also be able to find information on weather damage, recalls, warranty coverage, insurance history, transfer of states, and much more data related to the vehicle’s past.

Vehicle reports from Instant VIN reports can check the history of any vehicle simply by checking the vehicle identification number also known as the VIN number or by using the license plate lookup.

We also provide window stickers which gives information vehicle description, interior and exterior details, factory installed options & packages,  MSRP, safety ratings, fuel consumption, fuel economy and more

If you are buying or selling a used vehicle, then you want to ensure that you run a VIn check, and the best place to get it is at Instant Vin Reports.

2. VinPit

There are many ways to find the VIN of a car that they are interested in purchasing. Car owners like to personalize their cars with decals, unique paint jobs, and stickers. However, VinPit is an easy tool that lets you quickly find any vehicle’s VIN from a photograph.

The most reliable way to determine whether or not a car is stolen is through the VIN. The VIN can be used to track down who owned a vehicle when they owned it, and in some cases, even determine whether it was involved in a crime. 

In most cases, the VIN has been assigned by the vehicle manufacturer, so if you can’t find it on your own, you may want to try and contact them directly. VinPit is a free tool that allows you to find your VIN online without registering or logging in. 

More about VinPit is that it has some good reviews and is validated by trusted websites. VinPit can be used in 3 ways as mentioned briefly here.

Firstly, the online scanner, which shows you the manufacturer and the model of your car. Secondly, you can use the search option to find your vehicle’s VIN. Lastly, if you have a mobile application, it will also be shown on your screen and closed by pressing the home button on your phone.

3. VinCheck

VinCheck.com is a free online VIN checker; you check your car’s VIN at the click of a button. No more waiting for hours to decode your VIN, it can be done in just 3 minutes! The members can submit their vehicles and instantly have their VIN checked.

The service is free, and you don’t need to register or sign up. Register at VinCheck.com to get the auto-link to your VIN; you can find it in the window where you enter your vehicle information (make, model, year, VIN). After you have the link to your VIN, simply click on “VIN check.” It will decode and check your VIN for free in 3 minutes.

4. VinDecoder

 VINDecoder is a free online VIN decoder; you can easily decode and get information on your vehicle identification number. Talking about its versatility, VinDecoder can decode the VIN from any vehicle, state, or country. 

5. VINLookup

VIN lookup using VinLookUp allows you to enter the VIN of any vehicle. It will display a complete list of all other cars with identical VINs reported in accidents or registered with other owners.

6. Security Vault

Security Vault is another online vehicle identification number lookup service that allows you to decode your car’s VIN plate instantly. It also gives you the option to get a history report on your car’s VIN.

7. VIN Doctor

This is a free online VIN checker by AutoMD Inc. that allows you to decode your car’s VIN. As a perfect analogy, it has a pin code for all cars, SUVs, and vans. Get the VIN of your car/van from over 10 million vehicles.

8. AutoCheck

AutoCheck is an online service that provides information about motor vehicles in addition to manufacturer history reports on new and used cars, including VIN. With this free tool for you to quickly find out the VIN and license plate number of any vehicle that has been listed on the National Vehicle Location Service (NVLIS).

9. Carfax

Carfax is the vehicle history expert with over 17 billion records in their database, and it’s free to lookup used cars. Easily pull VIN reports, title records, and records of accidents and repairs. There are simple steps for using the carfax service. In the box, enter the VIN (make sure you put the hyphens in it to make it a legal VIN). Click Search and get your report! 

Please read it thoroughly and look for any history of accidents or anything else that you think would concern you.

10. VIN Location

VIN Location is a free online service that can decode your car’s VIN with just one click. You will also be able to decode the VIN of your motorcycle, truck, boat, or any other motor vehicle on the planet Earth. Enter your VIN, and the code will be displayed in a list of all the other VINs that are identical to yours. Choose the one you find suitable and then hit “Decode.” 

Once you have to decode it, you can click on “Report” to have it saved in your account or simply exit the website. 

11. VinBase 

It is another free VIN decoder that Security Vault offers. It also offers manufacturer history reports on new and used vehicles, including VIN. 

On the landing page, you will be directed to enter your VIN Number in the box that is provided on the screen. After entering it, click on the “CONFIRM” button, and your report will be displayed.

Final Thoughts

To recapitulate, if you want to decode your VIN and need an easy way to do it, access your car’s information using the internet and a VIN checker. Several websites offer free VIN decoders; all you have to do is enter the code (without hyphens), click on “submit,” and it will be delivered to you within seconds. 

VIN decoders are very useful when you own a car. This is because they can be used to find out serious accidents that happened to your vehicle. To get more information about a VIN, enter the code on one of the free online VIN checkers.


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