Is technical knowledge or customer service more important?

  • Updated on January 11, 2023
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Customer service has gained its value in the business industry in recent decades and the companies continue to recognize its importance and are consistently improving their customer services so that their users have a satisfying experience. For instance, you can simply dial CenturyLink phone number at any hour of the day or night without any hesitance knowing that your query or concerns will be catered to right away. Quality customer service adds value to the company and its reputation. 

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Where we talk about customer service, technical knowledge and support cannot be left behind. Both Customer Service and Technical Support play important roles in businesses. There are, nevertheless, substantial distinctions between the two. In this article, we will discuss the value of both for the company and its standing. 

Customer Service

Customer service takes a distinct approach, focusing on the customer’s experience. A variety of services are offered to help clients make the most cost-effective and proper use of a product. This means that a customer service agent can be more proactive in providing client support and initiating contact. Importantly, customer service does not necessarily have to be technical.

We witness customer service at every point of contact between the customer and the company. As a result, customer service best practices are typically taught to all employees who may come into contact with a client at any time. Consumer service’s ultimate purpose is to ensure a smooth and enjoyable relationship between the customer and the company.

Technical Knowledge

Technical knowledge refers to the technical support that is the help given to a user who needs assistance with a technical product or service, whether it’s a software tool or a piece of hardware equipment. With the shift to digital commerce, technological proficiency has become considerably more common. Customers want to have a positive experience with your company. They’re looking for long-term relationships that go beyond the initial transaction. They want to know that you understand their objectives and can assist them in achieving them.

Since technical knowledge has such diversity, it’s critical to concentrate on what’s significant while discussing it. Technical knowledge in vehicle repair is immaterial while applying for a position as a teacher, but data-basing and word processing skills are essential.

Difference Between Technical Knowledge and Customer Service

Customers that require assistance with technical products such as software and hardware are given technical support. Customer service, on the other hand, is a collection of activities aimed at ensuring that each interaction between a consumer and a business is pleasant for the customer. This could involve things like choosing the correct goods, making a one-of-a-kind purchase, changing their payment method, and so on.

The prevalent misunderstanding between these two phrases originates from the fact that Technical Support representatives must have excellent Customer Service abilities to succeed. However, not every company that provides Customer Service also provides Technical Support. For example, a t-shirt shop does not need to provide hardware or software support to its consumers, but it will want to help them with other aspects of their purchase.

Technical Knowledge is Prime

You simply must have technical skills in any skilled field, whether it is information systems and technology, medicine, law, airplane repair, or any other skilled discipline, technical, professional, or otherwise. We wouldn’t want a technically inept mechanic working on our engines. Similarly, suggesting that a corporation recruit IT, staff, first because of their customer service talents, and then teach them technical skills on the job is ludicrous. To correctly design, operate, and support today’s sophisticated networks, servers, apps, and desktop systems, well-trained and experienced employees are required. First and foremost, technical abilities are required.

Importance of Customer Service

That isn’t to say that customer service or collaboration skills aren’t important. Our people skills, on the other hand, are what allow us to excel in our careers. So, while technical skills are important, they are only one component of the equation for a successful IT job. Your technical talents will gain you the first interview with many of today’s most well-known and profitable firms. It’ll be your ability to work with others, as well as your interpersonal abilities, that will land you the job.


The above argument concludes that technical knowledge and customer support, both go hand in hand and one cannot be complete without the other. Regardless of the business or the company you own, having technical knowledge is basic and customer service is essential to hold onto the customers and to put the knowledge to good use. Therefore, neither can be undermined nor can be termed important over the other. 


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