Best Way to Rent a Mailbox with a Street Address?

  • Updated on March 17, 2021
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PO Box consists of numerous advantages and it offers you stability in terms of mail and shipping address in the United States when you don’t own a permanent address or you reside in an isolated area or when you need a professional mailbox for communication. 

With your street address as PO, you get the flexibility of sending and receiving emails and combat all the cons associated with the PO Box address.

Why Choose a Mailbox with a Street address better than a PO Box?

1. No Need to Run to Post Office

When you pick a PO Box rental for you, there should be an address where you can receive your mail, it can be either your home or office address. Usually, the mailbox is placed at a specific location, but when you have a mailbox with a street address, you need not go anywhere. 

2. Flexible Storage Space

Every PO offers rigid storage space, if you want a huge package to be delivered on your PO box, you need to pay a whole lot of money because a big package will be needed to be kept in a locker. But with the rental mailbox, you will be able to get unlimited storage and free shipping.

3. Secure Access To Your Mail

We all know that the post office has fixed working hours. But when you have a private mailbox with UPS, you can certainly get more flexibility with the timings, mostly you get 24X7 online access to your mail.  

4. Better Mail Forwarding

When you have a rented mailbox, your emails will be forwarded wherever you want. This way your mail won’t leave unattended if you don’t pick it.

5. Receive Mails from All Shipping Carriers

In the post office, your mail is only carried by USPS, but when you rent a private mailbox with a street address, you can receive a package from FedEx, UPS, DHL, and more.

6. The Best As a Business Address 

The topmost benefit of owning a street address is you can simply use it for your business and professional mail needs. So, your street address would serve a great purpose as a PO Box address. The digital mailbox is best to boost your business standards with a digital business address. 

How to Rent a Mailbox Using A Street Address?

1. Rent a Private Mailbox from the UPS Store

UPS Stores are readily available in the United States, and thus you can easily find one. From your home to work to home, you can find one every easily.

After renting a mailbox with UPS, you can freely use any store’s street address as your mailing address.

You can easily get your packages with carriers like USPS, FedEx, etc, as you are not restricted to UPS only.

Even if you are using a UPS mailbox for business due to the flexibility it provides. You will receive an email or text whenever a package arrives, you can even request to forward or pick it up.

The price range of UPS mailbox lies within $20 to $25, depending upon the location of your store. 

2. Get a Virtual Mailbox Using Street Address

Acquiring a virtual mailbox is another brilliant option to get for your mailing needs. With a virtual street address, not only you can receive mails on your street address, you can see the mail content through the phone or device. 

A virtual mailbox is available online and can be accessed very easily using your phone or computer, all you need is a working internet connection.

Your mail is stored in a secure mail facility to get it scanned and uploaded. 

You can freely log in to your mailbox and receive new mail whenever you log in. Every mail comes with the option of handling requests like open & scan, shred & recycle, forward, archive, or delete.

There are certified mail operators who will take care of requests, you don’t need to do anything.

Due to the unique mail forwarding services, you can get your mails without worrying about the proximity or standard working hours.

Steps To Rent A Virtual Mailbox

  1. Go to the website of any virtual mail service provider, it would generally cost you around $15-20.
  2. Next, you would require to fill and submit the USPS Form 1583, to get the postal content from an authorized third party to receive and handle your mail. 
  3. After submitting the form, you need to send it to PostScan mail with two forms of ID. Next, you will receive emails on a regular basis.
  4. Then, you have to change the address of your mailing address to the one where you want to receive your mails. It would cost you around $1.


Having a virtual mailroom with a street address would give you a virtual business address. Using this address, you can use it for your website, social media platform, and use it in your handouts. 

It is neither expensive nor complicated to rent a mailbox. It takes only one day to make your address your PO address.


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