How do I Clear CISM Exam?

Did you know that there are more than 46000 CISM certification holders across the world?

And interesting is that the number continues to grow exponentially. 

Cybersecurity is one of the most crucial aspects of every organization as the digital revolution we are going through, has increased our dependency on our smart gadgets. The more we go digital for our tasks, the more are the chances of cyberattacks. Today we rely on technology so much that we don’t mind sharing our personal details on various websites. Most of us let Google remember and manage our passwords and user ids. 

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Isn’t It Really Vulnerable?

It becomes essential for the services providers to maintain the security of their customers and prevent their sensitive information from being leaked or misused. It is here that they require professionals with strong skills in cybersecurity. CISM professionals are in demand everywhere for this reason. This certification is for those who have expertise and experience in IT/IS security and control and wish to become a manager in the field of cybersecurity. 

One more interesting fact about CISM certified professionals earn around 42% more than those at equivalent positions without certifications, according to ISACA. The median annual salary of CISM credential holders is around USD 118,000. 

This article will let you understand that it is worth taking a CISM training course to prepare for the CISM certification exam.  

Certified Information Security Manager or CISM is a premier certification issued by ISACA (Information System Audit and Control Association) to create a link between the business organization and information security.

What is CISM?

ISACA is a global association that strives to converge IT governance and IT professionals with the community in audit, knowledge, risk, and privacy. CISM is specifically designed for Information Security Managers, Chief Information Officers, Information Technology Consultants, as well as Information Security Managers. 

The CISM certification validates that you possess expertise regarding incident response, risks, governance, and information security program. You can reveal your knowledge, skills, and understanding for developing a perfect information security program for your organization and align it with the goals and objectives of your organization. 

Prerequisites for Taking the CISM Certification are:

To appear for the CISM certification exam, you are required to have at least five years of experience in the management of information security systems in at least three domains mentioned below:

  • Information Security Governance – 24%
  • Information Risk Management – 30%
  • Information Security Program Development and Management – 27%
  • Information Security Incident Management – 19%

You can get a waiver of two years of experience required if you possess a degree from a higher institution and meets ISACA specified criteria. Also, you can have a CISA (Certified Information Security Auditor) certification, or a CISSP certification (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) issued by (ISC)2. 

How to Prepare for CISM Certification Exam?

With a CISM certification exam, you can shift your career from the technical realm to management. This certification brings credibility to your team and makes sure that there is the right alignment between the information security program of an organization and the business objectives and goals. 

Here are the steps you need to follow to pass this certification exam on the first attempt.

Read Carefully the ISACA’s Exam Candidate Information Guide

ISACA’s information guide is specifically curated to give you in-depth information regarding the rules of the exam and taking the exam. You should read through the lines of this guide twice or thrice, as this will make it very clear about the concepts you need to focus on and the others that you already know well.

Utilize the Best Resources to the Maximum

It is good to take maximum benefit from the right resources. The internet has numerous resources for CISM exam preparation, also the official website of ISACA also contains resources that help you prepare for the exam. You can purchase the CISM Review Manual which is comprehensive and easy to navigate. It features some of the essential topics such as self-assessment questions, an extensive glossary, task and knowledge statements. The updated version of the CISM Review Manual contains case studies and in-practice questions that enable you to acquire a practical perspective of the format of the certification exam. 

Practice Exams can Make You Perfect!!

It is always true that practice enables you to gain expertise in almost anything. The same goes with this exam prep. Taking practice tests before the actual exam will make you understand what your preparation is up to. These tests build up your confidence by making you familiar with the exam format, the concepts, and the topics to be revisited.

Chalk Down a Study Plan

Create a plan for the preparation of the certification exam. If possible, you should start studying three to four months before the exam. This plan must include learning and practice such that you can finish the question within the given time limit and also manage some time to recheck your answers. 

The plan should be in accordance with the level of your knowledge regarding the domains included in the preparation guide. Since there are various topics of information security systems included in the CISM certification exam, you should give at least two to three hours every day for studying and practicing. When you study consistently for the exam, you can build a stronger focus on the concepts. 

Take Up an Online Training Course

This is the most effective step you can take to prepare for the exam. Through self-study is always an option, it is strongly recommended that you enroll yourself in an online training course. 

Some of the best online courses have specifically curated content for you and are conducted through instructors who are usually industry experts and make your concepts very clear. They train you so well that you grasp the content in and out and become confident of passing the exam on the very first attempt. 


You have now known the steps to be followed to clear the CISM certification exam. If you have decided to go with this path, go through the Review Manual of CISM, and make clear that the topics are well understood. 

Or leave everything on the training course. An online training course will take care of your preparation and will allow you to learn at your own convenience, along with ensuring that there is no stone unturned in the preparation process. 

Enroll Now!!


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