How do I Achieve My IIBA Business Analysis Qualification?

Business Analysis Professionals receive the preparation and key competencies necessary for success through the attainment of an IIBA® certification. A certification boosts not only your marketability and employability but also the potential earnings you can make. You can utilize the Professional Certificate Program in Business Analysis offered by Simplilearn to launch you into the next chapter of your professional development. You will learn how to solve difficult business problems by utilizing tools that are currently in high demand through the program. 

This Business Analysis course is designed for professionals who are interested in a career in business analysis, gaining an understanding of business analysis techniques, and gaining experience working hands-on, as well as for experienced analysts who are interested in learning the most recent tools and frameworks used by Agile teams.

Principal Attributes

  • Certificate awarded by Simplilearn, developed in conjunction with Purdue University
  • Become qualified to participate in the Purdue University Alumni Association Master Classes, which are taught by Purdue University instructors.
  • Masterclasses for the Business World, Taught by IBM Professionals
  • Participation in exclusive IBM Hackathons, AMA events, and certification in data analytics
  • You can earn 35 PDs or CDUs from the IIBA by reading the case studies published by CBAP® Harvard Business Publishing about companies like Pearson, CarMax, and evCard, among others.
  • Capstone from three different domains and more than fourteen projects

Advantages of Obtaining a Business Analysis Certification

Develop skills in areas such as requirement analysis, product vision and roadmap development, agile development, and analytics and modeling. Excel, Tableau, and Python are just some of the tools you should become proficient in. Acquire well-known credentials from Purdue and IBM in addition to 35 PDs and CDUs from the IIBA.

  • Purdue University and Purdue Certification have formed a partnership.
  • Certificate awarded by Simplilearn, developed in conjunction with Purdue University
  • Become qualified to participate in the Purdue University Alumni Association Master Classes, which are taught by Purdue University instructors.
  • IBM Certification
  • Through our partnership with IBM, We are now able to offer industry-recognized IBM certificates for IBM courses.
  • Data Analysis Badge from IBM to showcase your skills on LinkedIn Hackathons, Masterclasses, and Ask-Me-Anything sessions hosted by IBM

Curriculum of the Business Analysis Training Program

Develop your skills in business analytics that are relevant to your industry. Skills in fundamental business analytics, modeling, and reporting will be taught via a combination of hands-on mini-projects, case studies from Harvard Business Publishing, and a culminating project. Prepare yourself for success in the business world with training from IBM and the IIBA.

Purdue University’s Business Analysis Program’s Learning Path Orientation Session

Start your career off on the right foot by enrolling in the Professional Certificate Program in Business Analysis offered jointly by Purdue University and IBM. Your career in Business Analysis can advance more quickly if you take the preparatory courses offered on fundamental statistics, SQL databases, and business analysis fundamentals.

[IIBA Accredited Course] Professional Certificate in Business Analysis (PC BA) – Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®)

During this business analysis course, you will learn skills such as effective planning, advanced documentation, and the design of business solutions. Acquire an understanding of lifecycle management, planning and monitoring, analysis of requirements and strategies, and the agile perspective.

PC BA’s Business Analytics with Excel.

Learn to make decisions based on empirical evidence and practical considerations with the assistance of statistical analysis and data analysis. In this course on business analytics, you will learn how to use one of the most common office tools available — Excel — to perform complex data analysis in order to arrive at decisions that will affect your company.

Tableau Training for PC BA.

With the help of this Tableau Desktop 10 training course, you will be able to acquire a variety of skills on the powerful platform, including the creation of visualizations, the organization of data, and the design of dashboards.

Data Analysis with Python, Designed by IBM

With the help of this IBM course, you can move beyond spreadsheet software and into the realm of data analytics. Python can be utilized for statistical analysis as well as the development of data visualizations with significant meaning.

PC BA – IBM-Designed Data Visualization Built with Python

Using data visualization, you can improve your ability to tell a compelling story and contribute to making better decisions. In this course offered by IBM, you will become familiar with the data visualization libraries Matplotlib, Seaborn, and Folium, all of which are designed to simplify the process of comprehending numerical information.

PC BA: mathematical optimization program 

In this course, you will learn how to construct optimization models to solve business problems. In this course, students will learn various aspects of mathematical programming to construct optimization models utilizing the technology provided by IBM Decision Optimization.

Capstone Project for Business Analysts (PC BA)

Develop your expertise in Business Analysis by participating in a hands-on, industry-relevant capstone project in one of three distinct industries: retail, banking, or hospitality. This project will bring together all of your previous coursework into a single, portfolio-worthy project.

Business Analysis Master Class at Purdue University.

You will have the opportunity to participate in an online interactive masterclass as a component of this business analysis certification program. During this class, you will learn about recent developments in Business Analysis technology and techniques.

Masterclass for Professionals in the Business Analysis Industry

Participate in IBM’s online interactive masterclasses to gain a deeper understanding of the latest developments in Business Analysis-related technology and techniques.

Data Science Using R

Learn how to conduct data analysis and arrive at well-informed decisions with the assistance of the R programming language as part of this business analysis certification program.

Leadership Training for Organizational Digital Transformation

The Digital Transformation course offered by Simplilearn is the ideal training program for you to enroll in if you wish to leverage digital technologies to transform the business strategies and goals that you currently have in place. Utilizing today’s digital technologies is a vital skill for leaders in all aspects of the business world. Our training will assist you in developing a robust action plan, fostering innovation that is centered on the needs of customers, and driving digital culture throughout your organization.

PC BA – Agile Scrum Master

Adopting the Agile and Scrum methodologies for managing projects will help you become more capable of producing and delivering high-quality goods to your clients. You will learn the best practices of Agile and the nuances of the Scrum methodology in this course, which will help you maximize the value of your business and mitigate any risks it may face.

PC BA – Power BI

Investigate various Power BI ideas, such as Microsoft Power BI Desktop layouts, Power BI reports and dashboards, Power BI DAX commands, and functions. With the help of our in-depth Power BI training, you can now conveniently learn how to experiment, fix, prepare, and present data in a quick and easy manner.

SQL Training Simplilearn’s SQL Database Training Course will help you become proficient in SQL and improve your career opportunities. A functional aptitude for SQL (Structured Query Language), which is the leading programming language for working in relational database management systems, is in high demand and this can set you apart from other job aspirants in the marketplace.


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