Types of Teachers Most Students Love and Hate

There are a variety of teachers to be found in the sphere of higher education, and some of them are of the kind that the vast majority of students would adore. These are the teachers who don’t care much about keeping order in the classroom, who joke around with their students, who just take attendance and don’t teach anything, etc. But there are some teachers who take their jobs too seriously, are too strict, give their students too many responsibilities, and teach in a way that many of their students hate.

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According to the research, teaching is not an easy job because teachers are expected to fit in with their pupils’ different cultural backgrounds and worldviews while also leaving an impression on those kids. Also, students learn in different ways, which means that each student needs a different way to be taught. Students will always have strong feelings about their teachers because they cannot all be educated in the same way.

According to a study of the characteristics of teachers that have been shown to have a positive effect on college students, the majority of students prefer teachers who always come to class prepared, who are creative in the way that they teach the class, who are fair in both the treatment of students and the grading of them, who are funny, who have a very positive attitude about being a teacher, and who have high expectations for all students. Students can have a professional write my essays online if they are looking for academic help.

Teachers who treat their students with respect and never embarrass them in front of the class, make them feel welcome and comfortable, are easy to talk to, have a sense of humor, and care about their problems are the ones college students love and remember the most.

Teachers who allow their students to take responsibility for their own learning, who make no effort to teach or help the class understand the subject matter, who engage in destructive criticism and comparisons of low-scoring and high-scoring students in front of the class are generally reviled and remembered for their misbehavior and ineffectiveness, and who make no effort to teach or help the class understand or the subject matter are remembered.

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Effective and Ineffective Classroom Teaching Behaviors 

Good classroom teaching behaviors are at the cutting edge of teaching and are most likely to make students feel good about their teachers and change how they feel about them. 

Behaviors in the classroom that are based on the false idea that public disclosure and personal attacks on students will motivate them and help them do better are not only ineffective but also make students dislike the teacher and the class. 

On the other hand, unprofessional and ineffective ways to teach in the classroom are based on the false belief that public disclosure and personal attacks on students will motivate and improve their performance.

A study on the benefits of being a good teacher in the classroom found that college students often thank a good teacher and dislike a bad one. 

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In their opinion, a good teacher is someone who makes the classroom an enjoyable and stress-free place to be; who contributes more to the students’ education; who is confident in the students’ ability to learn; who genuinely cares about the students and works to increase their interest in the subject matter as well as their motivation to attend his or her class and learn; and who inspires students to learn. On the other hand, a substandard educator for these students.

On the other hand, a teacher who creates an environment in the classroom that is filled with tension and mistrust is not helpful to the students’ education, brings down their sense of self-worth, and inhibits their capacity to learn.

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Teachers can lessen the bad effects of not being able to connect with their students by using a method of teaching that focuses on building relationships. For example, since most students have different educational needs and cultural preferences, a teacher who is kind and doesn’t encourage discrimination has a better chance of being successful than one who is irritable and does. 

In fact, the teaching requirements for human relations-oriented teaching, such as creating a supportive classroom environment, helping and guiding students to solve course-related problems, and encouraging participation and teamwork in class, are almost the same as the good classroom teaching behaviors we talked about earlier.


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