What is Security Printing? How can a Company Benefit from This?

  • Updated on November 18, 2022
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What is the Use of Data If It’s Not Secured Enough? 

Programming and software technologies are lowering their barriers every day. However, with the tremendous benefits of having tech knowledge in the public domain, there is a growing risk of data breaches. Almost anyone with a computer can learn how to hack or forge a document nowadays. Even in the analog world, it’s not too hard to forge or tamper with a printed document anymore. Threats are only getting more intense every day. 

So, we need to gear up, right? This is where security printing comes into play. 

What is Security Printing?

The name itself is self-explanatory; security printing is a part of the printing industry concerned with preventing forgery, counterfeiting, and tampering. This includes printing valuable tamper-evident items like banknotes, court revenue, postal stamp papers, cheques, passports, stock certificates, and identity cards.

How Do They Do It?

Security printing involves an array of different simple traditional tricks, for example, using a specific type of paper or plastic substrate, printing with a patent ink, using a specific type of color palette, patterns, watermark, see-through windows, serial numbers, etc. And advanced hi-tech interventions like geometric lathe work, microprinting, hologram, Magnetic ink character recognition, optically variable ink, anti-copying marks, etc. To keep counterfeit-prone documents like bank notes, certificates, and ID cards secure, it’s often advised to look, feel and tilt.

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What are the Benefits of Security Printing in My Company?

First of all, impeccable security, of course. In the yesteryears, company owners mainly focused on securing their computers and networks with all that load of antivirus, anti-malware, etc. But everyone realizes nowadays that network-connected scanners and printers are also two of the most neglected and vulnerable points in the security control panel.

That’s when security printing started to rise in popularity. This is no gimmick, as there are certain benefits as:

Enhanced Security, Forget Malware:

Advanced coding allows hackers to easily implant malware and viruses through your printing devices. Use secure print software to avoid this. This software keeps an eye on the network activities of your printer and scanner and doesn’t let them take any suspicious input anyway. Also, even though they don’t store any data, printers are very accessible entry points to the whole system and, thus, a vulnerable point in cyber security. Printers and scanners are often used at ground zero for launching attacks. So, these must be well protected. 

Regulation Compliance:

Regulatory compliance laws like FINRA and HIPAA are infamous for being really strict about data security. That’s even more vital if you run a clinical facility or medical/ scientific research facility. All the customer/ human data must be totally confidential, and any exception to this might cost you your company license too. Keep your goodwill and customer data safe by implementing secure printing features like online all-in-one Customer service software, specialized Magnetic and Optical recognition, etc. 

Cutting Cost on the Personal Printer:

It’s always better to use a local network-connected printer for office use which all employees can use. But there are real security issues, as we’ve read above. Thus, many companies provide personal printers for officials who handle sensitive or confidential information like HR data, medical records, etc. But these only increase the unit maintenance cost and total expenditure. One study says almost 20% of the total printing cost in a company goes to wasted materials.

 Rather, you may have the network connected one boosted with a secure Customer service software that comes with security printing and anti-hacking features. So enjoy the best of both worlds. 

Improved Sustainability:

Smart use, innovative reuse, and wise recycling of different resources are important for sustainable development. Unfortunately, often in offices, printers are one of the most abused or misused items by the employee.  

Mobile Printing, Accessible to All 

A large number of companies nowadays are offering mobile printing facilities so that customers can access their data right on their handheld devices on the go. With the help of secured printing services between the mobile and the network-connected printer, mobile printing is becoming quite a popular and customer-friendly option. 

So, you are getting a fair idea about how necessary these secure printing services are. 

Security Printing isn’t cheap, but totally worth your money. You have to adapt if you want to survive the digital world.

Gear up!


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