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  • Updated on October 31, 2023
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Located on the west coast of Turkey, this third-largest city in the country is home to more than four million inhabitants. However, Izmir is quickly becoming a popular place to buy property among foreign buyers. If you are planning to buy a property for sale on the second line in Turkey, it will be useful for you to know about Izmir as well – you may want to choose favor of this magnificent city!

Izmir – Overview

Izmir is a seaside resort with a stunning coastline surrounded by the sparkling blue waters of the Gulf of Izmir. The coast stretches for more than 600 kilometers! The barrier of the city deserves special attention. It’s always a lively and picturesque place – locals and visitors come here to enjoy the vibrant culture and visit the many establishments that pick up activity, especially after dark.

Izmir is also widely known as one of Turkey’s most economically developed cities. In just 70 years has grown into a promising and developed city with a strong industry – the auto industry, textiles, and food manufacturing. Of course, a developed tourism sector also works for the benefit of the city’s economy.


Another plus in the treasury of the positive qualities of Izmir is excellent transport links. The city is served by its international airport with excellent connections to Europe and the rest of the world. Izmir has a metro line running from Karsiyaki around the Gulf of Izmir. Also planned soon is the construction of a unique underwater tunnel and bridge called the “Gulf of Izmir,” which will create a ring around the city to reduce traffic.

Izmir Properties

Buying property in the region ranges from spacious villas in nearby coastal towns such as Alacati and Cesme to apartments in the city center.

Housing prices for 2023 can be represented as follows:

  • Spacious 1+1 layout apartment with a floor area of 60-70 sq.m. costs an average of €40-45 thousand.
  • Option “2 + 1” up to 90 sq. m will cost the buyer €60 thousand.
  • On average, larger 3-bedroom apartments over 100 sq. m are sold for €75-80 thousand.

Also, in Izmir, you can buy luxury properties; there are premium residential complexes. The cost of such objects usually starts from €120,000. On the territory of the elite complex, there will be everything – from a swimming pool and a gym to a beauty salon and shops.

Another attractive option that you can use is to purchase a hotel room in one of the hotels in Izmir. This is a great opportunity to combine:

Rest — come to rest and get the whole range of hotel services at a convenient time for you.

Earnings — rent the rest of the time and get passive income!

So Let’s Find Out: How Much Do Apartments in Turkey Cost?

Today, apartments in Turkey at a bargain prices are available throughout the country. Below are several options for current offers for selling apartments in high-rise buildings and villas.

  • You can become the owner of a 2 + 1 apartment (89 m2) in the Lara district of Antalya for €78,500. The residential complex is located one kilometer from the beach. On the territory of the residential complex, there are outdoor pools, including children’s pools, a fitness center, a basketball court, a tennis court, and gazebos.
  • An apartment with a layout of 1 + 1 (89 m2) in Alanya is sold for €88,000. The house has not yet been put into operation, so cash investments in housing will be a good investment. There are many restaurants, cafes, and shops around the residential complex and the popular Cleopatra Beach.
  • An apartment in Didim, a resort in the province of Aydın, one hundred kilometers from which (Didim) is Bodrum and 150 kilometers from Izmir, is for sale with a total area of 65 m2, apartment layout 1 + 1. The apartments cost 20 thousand euros. The distance from the complex to the sea is two and a half kilometers; the house is on the second coastline. Apartments 1 + 1 (total area 65 m2) in Oba cost €33,500. The luxury apartment has sound and heat insulation. The house has five floors, but it has an elevator. Near the house, there is a school and a kindergarten. From the residential complex to the city center, about one and a half kilometers, and two kilometers to the beach.
  • Apartment 1 + 1, whose area is 65 m2, is sold in Mahmutlar for 37 thousand euros. On the territory of the residential complex, there is a play area for children, a garden, a swimming pool, and car parking. The kitchen in the apartments is made in the American style.
  • A 1 + 1 villa (with a total area of 60 m2) in Akbuk will cost its future owner €44,000. The territory on which six villas are located is closed. It has a 300 m2 Olympic swimming pool, as well as a children’s pool, plus another pool with a fountain. From the residential complex to the beach, about 900 meters. Each villa has a piece of land.
  • A 2 + 1 villa (with a total area of 70 m2) in Bodrum, in the Meselik area, can be bought for €42,000. The beautiful garden and swimming pool on its territory and the nature of the villa’s location make the prospect of owning this house tempting—a two-story mansion with a wonderful view of the lake, built on a plot of 180 m2.

Get Assistance Finding Accommodation in Turkey

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