Best Tech Courses in the UK

Technology is a quickly developing field with lots of career and research opportunities. No wonder a lot of young adults are looking into it. Some pursue full undergraduate and graduate degrees. Others need to update their knowledge, so they go for courses. 


In any case, the UK has a decent amount of well-built and extremely prospective tech courses. Surely, if you are interested in the best tech courses in the country, you might be worrying not only about the application but about the curriculum as well. 

Students’ lives are not particularly known for lots of free time and laid-back schedules. And when it comes to studying from the best, one might be scared of endless projects, papers, essays, and research. 

If you’re worried that the overall load of courses and school will be too tough for you, there are ways to get help. Services like can assist with written assignments. Everything will be done perfectly and in time. Nothing will stop you from following the dream. 

If you are passionate about technology, such concerns should not discourage you. Here are the best tech courses to consider applying to in the UK. 

Full-Time Programs

First of all, let’s start with the best undergraduate degrees offered by top universities in the country. 

Computer Science at the University of Cambridge

Cambridge doesn’t need any introduction; it is one of the best schools in the world. It is also the best one to study computer science. Here one can earn a Bachelor of Art with this program. It lasts for 3 or 4 years. 

The course is going along with the latest cutting-edge technology. It covers all the aspects of the computer science of today, so it is extremely well-rounded. Students also get a lot of practice and learn specific hardware systems (for example designing microchips). They also learn particular scripting languages (Java, Prolog, C/C++, etc.). 

The curriculum also incorporates relevant theories in Law, Business, and Economics, which adds to the interdisciplinary nature of the course. 

Another strong point of this program is the high employability of the graduates. Holders of the Cambridge diploma are extremely valued by employers. 

Computer Science at the University of Oxford

The next one is, of course, Oxford, another world-known educational establishment. Here one can acquire a Bachelor’s degree in 3 years or a Master’s degree plus one more year (4 in total). 

It is a well-designed fundamental program that covers all aspects of the field. It is about understanding computer systems completely. Students will get to practice and possibly design new cut-through networks and systems. 

Materials Science at the University of Oxford

If you are more interested in Science in terms of Engineering, Physics, and Chemistry, this program is a perfect choice. In 3-4 years, one will gain a Master’s of Engineering. Besides the already-named subjects, you’ll get to learn industrial manufacturing as well. 

The course dwells on various materials and their interactions, especially the design and production of different metals. There is also a strong focus on entrepreneurship, so a lot of graduates start their own businesses and work in Manufacturing, Finance, Consultancy, or IT. 

AI Computing at the Imperial College London 

This course allows learning not only all the relevant knowledge on modern computing and communication systems. It focuses specifically on artificial intelligence and machine learning and how these technologies can be applied in various spheres and future applications. 

The program takes 4 years to finish, and you’ll acquire a Master’s of Engineering. One of the advantages of this option is that it is based on lots of practice and applied computing experience. It is also clear that AI is one of the most promising technologies today. 

Graduates are highly valued by employers. The majority work in Computing (for such companies as Apple, Amazon, and Google), and some start their businesses. 

Computer and Management Sciences at the University of Warwick

Here all passionate individuals can acquire a Bachelor of Science in 3 years. The course doesn’t require you to have any prior knowledge of Computer Science. It covers all the fundamentals as well as the most relevant modern advancements.  

The program helps to apply this knowledge practically to the management sphere. Some of the subjects here include algorithms analysis, software engineering, business management, and system design. It is an interdisciplinary degree that provides wide employment prospects. 

Graduates of Warwick work at such companies as IBM, BAE Systems, Accenture, and Goldman Sachs.

Creative Music Technology at the University of Gloucestershire  

This is another amazing interdisciplinary program that is quite unique. After 3 years here, you’ll acquire a Bachelor of Arts. 

The degree explores the dynamics and principles of creative music technology. So it is perfect for those who are interested in combining music with modern tech. It covers not only technological subjects like networks, building software, or hacking hardware. 

But one will also learn about performing, composing, producing, and engineering. The course is practical, so students also get to create an impressive portfolio of works during these 3 years. 

As for future careers, one can work as a software developer, music producer, or sound designer, for example. Amongst the companies that hired graduates of this degree are BBC, Universal Music, EMI, and Warner Bros. 

Computer Games Technology at the University of Portsmouth 

Those who are interested in working in the computer gaming industry might consider this excellent degree. One can study here for 3 or 4 years and gain a Bachelor of Science. 

As the title suggests, the main focus of the curriculum here is gaming. You’ll learn how to design and create games, work with animation and 3D modeling, and have the necessary programming skills. The curriculum also incorporates Entrepreneurship. 

The university has a great relationship with the Game Developers Association, which is a plus. Some of the companies that hired graduates are Codemasters, Sumo Digital, Sony, Rebellion, and Stainless Games. 

Online Courses

There are also plenty of rather short but very helpful online courses in the UK. These are perfect for those who want to advance their careers, develop new skills, or deepen knowledge in particular subjects of technology. Here are the best ones to consider applying to: 

  • Cyber Security Operations at the Open University (12 weeks, certification of completion by Cisco Networking Academy);
  • Cyber Intrusion Analyst at the Chartered Institute for IT;
  • ECDL Online Course at Distance Learning Centre (80 hours, The European Computer Driving Licence); 
  • Introduction to Cyber Security at the Open University (8 weeks, certification of completion); 
  • CEH Certified Ethical Hacking Course from E-Careers (40 hours); 
  • CompTIA A+ Technician Course from E-Careers (40 hours). 

In Summary 

Both people interested in a full-time degree and those looking for courses for professional development have a lot of opportunities to consider. These UK courses are all created by industry leaders and based on cutting-edge knowledge and essential tech basics.

All of them offer a practical approach and interdisciplinary knowledge that can be used in a variety of prospective careers. The difference is mainly in the focus of the curriculum, whether it is management, software development, engineering, manufacturing, or music technology. 


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