800+ Perfect Gmail Username Ideas & Tips to Pick the Right Name

  • Updated on January 9, 2023
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The username of an account is something that represents us, it is basically the soul of each profile we have on the internet. Then how about making it interesting? Making it something extraordinary? You can do that with any of your account’s usernames, even with Gmail usernames too. You can alter your Gmail username anyway you want it to be; funny, cool, aesthetic, professional, and whatnot. 

So, I assume that’s what lured you here, the search for some great Gmail username ideas. Well, that’s what I’m here for; continue reading to know what you need to get the right username for your Gmail account and how you can select one from the gazillions of options out there. 

That gives birth to one question, that I asked myself too, is it really worth investing so much time in picking a Gmail username? Here’s the answer to it- 

For most prospects, the Gmail username is the very first thing they see while interacting with you, hence, your Gmail username is like the first impression you will have on your prospects. I guess that answers your question about why you should spend so much time deciding your username. But here’s something more to give you a more solid reason. 

Research says that around 47% of recipients base their decisions on the one-liner subject line that you create, which gives a strong direction towards them making their decision based on your Gmail username as well, or at least, it possesses the ability to leave a significant impact on them. 

I don’t think that left any doubt now. So let’s move ahead and learn what practices we should adopt while picking our email usernames. 

How Can We Pick the Perfect Gmail Username for Ourselves?

Since your Gmail username has so much potential to impact your work, it should be chosen carefully. Professionally, it should be kept as simple and minimal as it can be, but there are often times when the username you pick is already taken by someone, or there can be some other aspects. But that can be a case of some issue, this is why here are some best practices you can undertake to get the perfect and the most-suited username for Gmail:

1. Make them memorable- While having a business online and via the internet, it is quite common to have silly mistakes like spelling errors, this is why try to make things simple and easy to remember. If you have to put in some information that is hard to comprehend and spell, try to look for its shorter version so that it’s easier in any way. 

2. Pick your own domain- If you are into something more professional and formal, then picking your own domain can be really profitable. All you have to do is create a straightforward and memorable URL that is easy to use. Having a domain is quite better because-

  • It helps in building trust and credibility for your brand or venture. 
  • It makes your business look and sound even more professional in all senses. 
  • It is the best way to protect your copyrights and trademarks.
  • Domains can help you increase your brand awareness. 

3. Avoid using numbers in your professional email- Using numbers in a personal email address might be a little common these days, but for a professional email username, it is a no-go. 

4. Make it pronounceable- While making it simple and short, also make it pronounceable so that when you narrate it verbally or tell someone, they are able to comprehend it without any further clarification. This often happens in businesses where you have to read out your email address in loud, so make it something that is easy to pronounce.  

Now that you are quite aware of how you should pick your Gmail usernames, let’s move ahead and have a look at this Gmail usernames list I have made. 

Making the Right Combinations of Usernames for Gmail

If you are lucky enough, then your first and last name combination will be available on Gmail, Phew! Problem solved. But if it isn’t, you can try some below-given combinations:

  • First initial and surname- There’s no harm in picking just the initials of your first name and attaching it with your last name, it will still sound professional. Just like- JFord. 
  • First name, middle name, and last name, altogether- I mean, after all, it’s all your name, so why not put it all in it? Just like- JamesHenryFord
  • First name, middle name’s initials, and last name- JamesHford
  • Nickname and last name– Your nickname doesn’t have to be childish, like for James, it can be Jamie, so the username will be like Jamieford. 
  • Last name and then first name- You can also reverse your name, there’s no harm in that. Just like- FordJames. 
  • First and middle initials with last name- You can just put your first two initials and then your last name, just like JHFord. 
  • First name and last initials- Just reverse the previous concert, just like- JamesF. 

Modifying Your Name

If you think that your name might be too long or already taken by any other user, you can just modify your name, and there are various ways for it. Let’s have a look:

  • Make your name shorter- Try something like JamFord, or if it’s Elizabeth, try making it Liz, or Lizzy. 
  • You can also include a shortened middle name- Try making it like JamesHenFord. 

Adding Qualifications

Adding your qualifications helps the recipient give an idea of what the email is going to be about. But make sure that you also don’t emphasize it too much because that can be a little obnoxious. Here’s how:

  • Add job title and name- This can be attained in cases when your job title is quite close to your roles, like a Doctor or a professor. So the email username can be like Dr.James or ProfessorJames. 
  • Job title- You can also add just your job title, SoftwareEng. 
  • Add your qualification with your name- You can add both your name and your degree or qualification. Just like RossGellarPhD. 

Adding Your Location

Sometimes it does make sense when you add the name of your city or region when the business is tied specifically to it or when you are a franchise of a bigger company. Here’s how to do that:

  • First name and state- JamesIllinois
  • Name and city- Jamesinchicago
  • Name and company- jamesglobaltech
  • Full name and company’s name- JamesFordglobaltech
  • Company and city- Globatechchicago 

Let the Form Follow the Function

If your job role is related to something that gathers queries and customer support, you can add that particular role too. Plus, it makes more sense to add something to your email address that gives the exact idea to the recipient. This can be something like

  • Salesjamesford
  • Mediainquirieswithjame
  • Infowithjamie
  • dakotaPR
  • Dakotaaccountings
  • Worthwithusford

Others with no name can be:

  • Workwithus
  • Outreach
  • Contactus
  • Writeforus
  • Mediainquiries
  • Sponsorships
  • Outreach 

Being Creative

If your work includes being satirical like if you’re a comic show host, or you have quite a unique niche, you can try something different and make some cool Gmail names for your business. 

But if you choose this category, always keep the niche and genre of your brand in your mind and try not to get distracted within the process. Here’s how to create some creative Gmail names:

  • Founder’s email- If it’s the email address of the founder. 
  • Greetings
  • Globaltechideas- company’s name and task. 
  • Corporate mascot
  • Playing on words

So these were the techniques you can use to make your Gmail usernames. I also have a list of Gmail account names from where you can directly pick the perfect Gmail address for your email. 

Cool Gmail Usernames

Beathovena Casanova Picasso 
Smartiepants Passiondry Letmakeiteasy
Valar morghulisBeautifully cutedora
The explorerBaby rocket The apollo 
Mars mission Oreo Tripwire 
Traveller Triphickie Blazed 
Drake Glitter and goldPassion and fold
Sporty emmaElla Troublemaker 
Hashtag High pie Cutie pie 
Wise Clay mori Tweeter 

Creative Gmail Names

Dance and singPretty perry Cute like unicorn 
Genuine guyAll your queries not here Pass it on
Flint Beefy Dusky gerry 
Small tom Big jerry Henderson 
Stranger mails Captain emails Too late 
Snowflakes Snowie Leran 
Laura Suggest me a name Imcreepy 
She was Idontworkhere ihadaquery
Snickers Lancelata Vuveti 
Karen Rebecca Sunflower 

Good Gmail Names

Skittie Kitty cat Miss cat 
Hoosier daddy Christain dior Bambi 
Coco Baddie Still cute 
It was a mistake We were on a break Dumbest man
Not that wiseHere for you Something 
Bubblegum Fly pie Jelly Belly 
Modern family Sierra Mav rick 
Top gun Cruise tom Bond James 
007Ceya Southern girl 
Girl on the wheels Girl with wheels Contact here 

Cute Email Address Ideas

Pigtails Smurfy Home alone 7
Mini onions Arya stark Tony Stark 
Snackers Dumplings Mamma’s girl 
Chocolaty boy Cute like anything Apple pie 
Pumpkin pie Mustang Touche 
Douchebag Sunny Honey 
Marble Amber heard Jack Sparrow 
Living angel Pincessland Grungy girl 
I play games Xbox girl Ocean girl 
Seas bay Benta girl Noice 

Short Email Address Ideas

Wuis Louis Paws 
Cattey Dolly Dolphins 
Wisher Slow trot Casanova 
Newyork Asia Stoner girl 
Always here Titania Berlin 
Manila Whirly Pagger 
Gone girl Just for you Dolgea 
Party girl Bright cindy Pumpkin 
Skull Master Fight club 
Mon cheri Adios Bon suir 
Mi Amor Gupen Mist 
Snowman Blitz Death race 
Win win Red cream Ripeley 
Blondie Marylin Banana pie 
Yenefer Minie Mickey 
Vandy Candice Scarlet 
Caroline Wednesday February 

Best Email Address Names

Gamer girl Gamer king King of all realms 
Man hattan New york bay Curly 
Caramel Cookie Brownie 
Tootsie Golobuka Dragon 
Dracarus Loki Thanos 
Unbeaten Inbox Outbox 
Lady luck Kiki Sloppy 
Maiden Crowen Owen 
Otis Season 4Take me home 
Cuckoo Disney Princess 
Pecan pie Dusty bawls Mulan 
Cool Auction Xo likes 
Nebula Squishy Joice 
Argentina Buckwheat Larry 
Mindy Dr. Otis Spider 
Mueller Suite Sweet and sour 

Good Email Account Names

Nebula Xavier Tyler 
Monster King of kings Gambit 
Goddess Bonbon Fruity cutie 
Doofy Uncle zack Zackery 
Goofy Drakey Zara 
Zoya Rum punch Giggles 
Maple Golden boy Silver 
Chimera Ninetendo Hazmat 
Libas Usalien Hurley 
Awesome Shy doll Naruto 
Hammock Banana Consuela 
Prince Gummy bear Smelly cat 
Hang on Cookie dough Moncur 
Lady in red Men in black Terminator 
Dinasours Sleepy girl check your inbox 
Shadow Mave Boot cute 
Princess weapon Tequila Gabriel 

Catchy Gmail Usernames 

Nutternuns Pyogi Juliet 
Always there Gamer guy Kills 
Kill bill Sia Doja dog 
Teela Flypie Sevil 
Tea baggins Dank Memer 
Hearty Icey Slayer 
Bounty Relaxed Unicorn girl 
Yoshi Toshiba BTS girl 
Alias Not from this planet Radar 
Cammy Rear Sure 
Why not Blood rain Lad gaga 

Unique Gmail Name Ideas

Popcorn mate Pixie Up 
Energizer Findkye Wiclu 
Hot box chic Gilpye Cortana 
Breathe Pink panther Prank 
Guita Carefree Fashion king 
Lost girl Demonic Kingatimic 
Atomic High times Smoker 
Regina philangee Princess Consuela Crap bag 
Sweet tooth Fepen Royal bee 
Amber Sugar mama Starry 
Lion king Jungle king Maroon 6 
Cup cake Silver slayer Loura 

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