How to Get PMP Certification Fast in Just 30 Days

PMP is considered to be one of the topmost certifications in the field of management. PMP stands for Project Management Professionals. And this one of the prestigious management certifications is nowadays leading the world. A lot of business professionals give preference to management professionals who have acquired this certification. 

It not only attracts high salary packages but also gives assurance to the employer about your expertise in the field of project management. This article will tell you everything about this certification. How to get it, where to register how to prepare and what are the books that you can refer to, what are the eligibility criteria, etc. To know the fastest way to get PMP certification and the answers to all these questions read the article till the end. 

What is PMP? 

PMP is a highly reputed certification for those who are looking forward to working as a project management professional. It is indicated through research that the field of project management is going to create a large number of job opportunities by 2027. So it’s high time for you to grab this certificate and land one of your favorite job roles. 

It ensures that you have the skills to lead a project team. To manage people and the process to make that project a wonderful success. Every business organization wants to have competent project managers to increase the list of successful projects it has completed. So there are high chances of you getting a job soon after you have acquired this certificate.

How to Get The PMP Certification?

To get the certificate, you have to sit for an examination. Once you qualify for that examination you can get the certificate. But before all this, you can register yourself on the PIA website. Soon after the registration, you have to pay the fees. Once the fees are paid you can sit for the nomination after 48 hours of fees of submission for o two years. 

It completely depends upon you. When you are ready to sit for the exam. If you think you have enough experience and knowledge then well and good you don’t need to prepare for it separately. But if you are not that experienced then it is recommended for you to prepare for the exam thoroughly. You can even take some coaching classes or private tuitions that are available both online and offline.

How to Prepare?

You must have heard this age-old principle that self-study is the best study and it completely fits here as well. Firstly you must have 3 years of experience in the field of project management. Then only you are eligible to appear for the exam and acquire this certificate. The exam is also not that easy so it is recommended to refer to certain books to prepare well. You can also refer to SPOTO pmp proxy exam.

There is a study guide named PMBOK 6 and PMBOK 7. You can refer to these as 80 percent of the questions in the examination are covered by these study guides only. It will help you learn the concepts thoroughly and will let you apply them in the best possible manner.

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