Best Emoji Keyboard for Android 2023

Emojis are a huge part of everyday online conversations happening through any form of text. Hence we must make sure to have a glitch-free, hassle-free as well as cost-free app.

Importance of Standing Out in Texts

Today’s era is full of texting, chatting, and typing. All these are directly related to everyday conversations, may it be informal or formal. In professional language, we need to be more careful of what we say or especially type. The way someone writes, what they write, and what is their tone plays an extremely important role in forming your character in someone’s mind.

In informal conversations, we tend to forget the importance of ‘impact’ which in turn drifts us away from many opportunities that we never got, simply because they didn’t take us seriously or simply because we were not able to make an impact on them.

People judge everyone daily. Whatever we do, whatever we say creates an image of us in society. We talk to people online on a daily basis and that makes our own social network. Hence we must make an impact on everyone, even in everyday conversations. If not anything else, it helps us in gaining the respect of our loved ones. These can also help in finding a partner online.

Emojis All the Way

Emoticons make the conversations interesting, exciting and add masala to the chit-chats. It’s always a good idea to express yourself through emojis. They avoid miscommunications to a large extent because there are tones and expressions added to the chats through these small faces. Make sure to not don’t overdo it though. Too much of anything is simply bad. Hence, avoid using too many emojis.

How to Stand Out?

The use of emojis in texts is nowhere close to being uncommon. Hence, we should try to stand out by smartly putting subtle gestures to show that we do not dust in the crowd. We can do this by using emoticons that are not used by every single person that can type! We can use different emojis or we can use emojis that are different.

Emojis That is Different

Bigger, better, and unique. These three features are a huge asset and will help you attract the attention that you need. Thinking where to find such emojis without spending a single coin? Then you may try keyboards by Bharat Keyboards.

These keyboards come with bigger, unique, and animated emoticons that are both cute as well as different. It helps you build a relationship online as it keeps the excitement in the conversation and doesn’t let anyone get bored. In most cases, the new topic about the keyboard and emoji itself emerges as they excitedly ask where and how you got it. So, my suggestion would be to download the app and just start exploring!

Emojis and Stickers in Regional Language?

Okay so not emojis specifically, but stickers in regional languages are also a way of standing out and being attractive in a conversation. Regional languages keyboards like Malayalam Keyboard helps in connecting people of language to a closer level. We can give them a taste of personal touch in the chats. Such stickers help in keeping conversations fun, humorous, and interesting. Happy stickers instantly lighten the mood.

Stickers can also help us in telling something directly but not in a rude fashion. Risky sentences are especially the best times to switch from normal sentences to stickers. Basically, if you cannot handle it, do not worry, the stickers will do it for you!

Why Bharat Keyboards are the Best Apps for Emojis, Stickers, and Regional Language Typing

As mentioned earlier, Bharat keyboards come with cost-free special features. From big emojis to bobblehead custom stickers to regional language stickers that hit close to heart.

  • Regional language typing is very important, especially if we want a closer and stronger relationship. Talking in regional language helps satisfy the nostalgia we all have within us. We feel happier and more comfortable with someone in our native language. We can also connect with people from rural areas or with people not comfortable reading in English font or people who have only received education in languages like Hindi Keyboard App etc.
  • Then comes the custom stickers that are bobblehead. I mean, who does not love to bobble their head? Are we even desi if we don’t? All the Indians across the globe, bobble their head to convey different gestures. But it’s almost impossible to show a bobblehead with emojis. Hence, we can satisfy our thirst to use our necks and bobble our heads through these stickers. It’s a gesture only completely understood by Indians and hence it also helps us in maintaining our traditional gestures alive in the online texting world. Moreover, these stickers are easy to use and make, as well as fun to use. The personal touch in the stickers makes a receiver’s day as well as reminds them of you even more! So why wait? Get the Bharat keyboard app now.


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