How Email Personalization Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy?

  • Updated on January 20, 2023
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Time is money in the modern world. Users do not spend more than a fraction of a second on something as small as an email if it doesn’t catch their eye. This is why companies need to come up with personalized marketing strategies if they want to stay ahead of the curve. 

Read this blog to know about some of the best methods that can help you to personalize better to increase the conversion rate. 

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Here are some of the methods that can be used to improve your marketing strategy.

Tips for Personalized Marketing

1. Buyer Persona Creation

The foremost thing you need to do is to either create a customer avatar or a solid buyer persona. This consists of a thorough profile of a single individual/customer that represents your audience in a nutshell.

Creating buyer personas with the use of free templates can be an efficient method. Always keep in mind that the sky is the limit when it comes to the detailing of the avatar. You can add the avatar’s age, name, profession, height, and other details. Doing this activity is pretty important since it helps in the personalization of marketing strategies. 

Before you move forward to add a new feature to your product or create a web copy, you should ask yourself how the living version of your buyer persona would respond to this work of yours. Once you have a clear picture of the buyer in your mind, your take on marketing will change for the better. 

This will further result in better marketing strategies that will seem more engaging to the buyers.

2. Email List Segmentation for Better Personalization

If you are looking for conversions, the method of email marketing remains unmatched. For the unknown, conversion means when a subscriber or website visitor decides to make a purchase. One of the best ways to increase this conversion rate is by segmenting your email list. Several ways can be used to group the audience to send them personalized emails. 

It is common knowledge that having multiple buyer personas can be used to create segments with relative ease. Segments can also be made based on different things such as age, profession, gender, location, and others. You can send emails based on email opens as that way you get to know that a subscriber paid attention or interacted with your content. 

But one should be aware of the fact that plenty of businesses have relied on certain tools such as location, pixels to track email opens along with other details but this wouldn’t be possible for long. 

This is why focusing on behavioral methods is the need of the hour. Using these to track user behavior and create segments can help with the overall growth of your business. Observing the buying behavior can also help in effective email segmentation. 

3. By Personalizing Email Subject Lines for Marketing 

It is no secret that emails are only converted when a subscriber opens them and reads the message. But getting the customer to do so isn’t as easy as you think. Here are some of the effective tips that can help you to achieve the same;

  • The use of an email subject line analyzer can better help to optimize the headlines along with the option of rating them. 
  • By asking questions or a question
  • With the use of power words in your subject 
  • Try to address the user by their name 
  • By reminding the users about the items left in their cart via email

These are some of the simple tips that one should keep in mind for better results. Always experiment with different headlines to see which one sticks the best.

4. With the Use of a Casual Tone of Voice

Nobody likes a sales pitch, let us be honest here. Even after knowing so, there are plenty of companies out there that are still creating web copy, ads, and posts on their social media handles that seem pushy. 

On the other hand, some like the idea of using complex vocabulary and sentences to look clever. But contrary to what companies think, the general outcome of such posts is negative. If you want to make your content more engaging or personalized, try writing like a friend. Another great way to verify your content is by reading it aloud, so you get a clear idea as to how your content sounds to human ears. 

These are some of the best ways that can help in the personalization for better overall results.


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