How Effective is Mobile Advertising? Are there Advantages of It at All?

Mobile advertising has become a billion-dollar industry. Approximately 4 billion people worldwide use mobile devices at least once a day, and this number continues to grow. This means you can reach up to half of the world’s population at any time with well-placed Telegram ads.

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Do you want to advertise on Telegram? Here is the list of the benefits of mobile advertising:

  • It reaches people in real-time. Mobile devices are taken with their owners almost everywhere, wherever they are.
  • Less content is required to be effective. Mobile advertising via the Telega Telegram ads platform can be effective with a simple headline and 1-2 lines of follow-up text. These are ads that are based on images and first impressions, not a complex value proposition.
  • It creates instant custom responses. When mobile ads hit the right demographic, 90% of smartphone consumers can remember a mobile ad even a week after they saw it.
  • It creates content that can be shared. This type of advertising helps brand ambassadors spread their message across other social media that may not always interact with the products or services they provide. With the right message and a bit of luck, an ad can even go viral.
  • It can be used in several ways. Mobile advertising doesn’t always have to be about selling products or services. You can also use it to ask for feedback. Consumer surveys, reviews, and other feedback options can be performed in real-time, allowing you to see how someone is thinking or feeling about your message at any given moment.

Telegram Ads Platform: Choose the Best Telegram Advertising Exchange

With the help of the popular Telegram messenger, you can communicate, share a variety of content with friends, and also place advertisements today. For the sale of goods and services, special paid platforms with different functionalities are used. Taking advantage of the wide capabilities of Telegram advertising exchanges, you can find your target audience and attract the attention of thousands of potential customers.

Advantages of using Telegram advertising platform

  • Only live subscribers. All channels are thoroughly tested for cheating.
  • It provides wide coverage of the target audience and the market. Almost 4 thousand Telegram channels are connected to
  • It is popular with advertisers. More than 60 thousand campaigns work on the exchange.
  • It provides reports on the results of the promotion. To obtain them, contact the support service or send a message in the service’s Telegram chat.
  • Convenient selection of sites. It is carried out using an interactive catalog. In it, bloggers are sorted by channel topic, the number of subscribers, and the cost of publishing an ad.
  • Simple campaign launch. It takes no more than 2-3 minutes.
  • Ordering promotion by exchange professionals. For this, purchase one of the subscription options.

Telegram ads platform makes both sides of the process happy. Thanks to the exchange, advertisers get access to the still unspoiled target audience of Telegram, and bloggers get a constant source of income from the monetization of their channels.


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