Do’s and Don’ts When Selling Your House in the Spring Market

  • Updated on March 28, 2023
  • General

When you know that Springtime is going to be the best time to sell for you, you have a lot of advantages working in your favor! Often, spring marks a time when more people are shopping compared to winter, making it a great time to take advantage of those who are looking for a spring refresh that includes a new home. Here are some ways to make sure your home sale goes forward well. 

Do: Make Spring Cleaning Extremely Thorough

You’ve probably heard the truth that putting thousands of dollars into your home right before selling it rarely offers a full ROI in the final sales price. One way to put in some elbow grease and tens of dollars instead of thousands, though, is to do serious spring cleaning. From getting those baseboards gleaming to washing every window, you want this house to be sparkling since a house rarely looks better than on an incredible spring sunny day, and when it’s perfectly clean, there’s a major change in first impressions from potential buyers!

Don’t: Wait for Perfect Weather to Work on Landscaping

A lot of us assume that the weather we want and the plant growth we want will arrive on our timeline in spring, but often spring is muddy and grey, leaving you scrambling to get landscaping work done before listing your house. Try to start working on curb appeal as early as possible, trimming trees and bushes and picking up stray sticks to get everything looking as neat as possible. If you’re concerned that your yard needs additional work, ask your real estate agent for recommendations of someone who has done landscaping for home sales – they will be able to work with you based on your listing date to do what will have the biggest impact.

Do: Inspect and Repair Your Home’s Exterior

Some of the simplest fixes can turn into a question mark in a buyer’s mind, and it’s better to leave them feeling confident and in love with your house. Take a good long look at your house, top to bottom, using the eyes of a critic: is there a missing shingle, a break in your gutters, or a bit of broken siding? Every little repair brings you closer to a short report from a home inspector and helps your buyer see the house as a place that has been lovingly maintained. 

Don’t: Leave All Your Personal Items Up For Showings

It’s easy to forget, but “depersonalizing” a home can go a long way with many buyers. Even if your style is on point and your photos of your kids on the walls are adorable, they make the home feel more like yours and less like the home that the buyer is beginning to see themselves buying. That’s why it’s a great idea to tour your own home and remove personal pictures, overly specific-to-you artwork, and any clutter, leaving a home that is (as much as possible) a blank canvas for a new buyer to fall in love with.


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