The Different Kinds of Cover Letter Examples

Have you ever heard of a cover letter? Are you aware of what cover letters are for? Do you need a cover letter for your application process? Not sure which type of cover letters are for you? In this article, we’ll discuss the different types of cover letters and their specific uses.

Cover letters are application letters that serve as a memorandum that the applicant must submit to their hiring employer. The content of the cover letter is usually about a person’s interest in applying for a job and is usually 3 to 4 paragraphs long. However, there are a lot of cover letter writing styles and formats, which you may find confusing if ever you want to write a cover letter on your own. 

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In General, you can find many kinds of Cover letters online. However, the difference would most likely be the choices of words, the order of ideas, the construction of the sentences, the level of the applicant’s experience, and the Impact of the cover letter on the Hiring Employers. There are common cover letter examples of what cover letters would most likely appear in most cases:

Entry Level 

These examples of cover letters are usually written by fresh graduates who appeal to be amateur about the job they are applying for. Most of them are inexperienced in the position they wish to have. Usually, the content of the Entry level Cover letters is their skills relevant to the job and what the applicant can do for the company.


These are a number of examples of cover letters found all over the Internet and are commonly written by applicants who are already professionals. Professional cover letters are usually written to express professionalism and excellence and highlight past achievements from the former position. The applicants are most likely to have already a brief knowledge about the company they are applying to, and Employers are most likely to look first into a professional cover letter when hiring.


The General Cover Letters are usually written by applicants who have experience in the field for more than a year or two. Usually, they are applying for a higher position than the last time. The Hiring Employer’s name, details of where they found the job, and highlights of the skills and experiences relevant to the job they are applying for are part of the content of General Cover Letters. This also includes the applicant’s attributes, which help the hiring employer understand why they should hire the applicant and how they can help the company.


These example of cover letters usually states their interest in the job they are trying to apply for in the first part of the letter. This means that this example of cover letters is expressed in a straight-to-the-point manner since there are hiring employers who don’t spend much time reading applicant cover letters. The content of a creative cover letter includes the applicant’s relevant experiences, particular skills, specific accomplishments, and qualifications in a clever and catchy manner. 

Career Change

The career change cover letters are usually written by applicants who wish to change the job industry they are trying to apply to. The content of a career change cover letter is likely to have its reason for transfer, flexibility for the job, and evidence of the applicant’s dedication to the new field industry. 

Internal Promotion

The internal promotion cover letters are for employees who wish to be promoted to a higher position or to take more responsibility for the company. The content of internal promotion cover letters most likely contains their skills and determination for the job they wish to be promoted to. This highlights the accomplishments and proof of the employee’s commitment and loyalty to the work.

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