How Cold Email Changed the Game for Lead Generation

In a world of social media and digital marketing, it may seem that email marketing is less effective than it was in the past. But with some tweaks to your strategy and tactics, you can have the edge over other marketers who struggle to get high-quality leads from their campaigns. Read on to find out more.

Getting the Suitable Business Leads with an Email to Fuel Your Campaign

Getting relevant business leads is essential for any company, but it can be tough to know where to start. One effective way to get started is by using email marketing. This involves developing compelling copies and sending out emails with the hope of getting a reply from the recipient.

Developing Effective Copy

Developing a compelling copy is an essential part of any campaign.

This is where you can stand out from your competitors and connect with prospects on a more personal level.

Here are a few tips to consider when developing email copy that will help deliver higher response rates:

  • Include just one call to action per email
  • Make sure your subject line is not misleading
  • Use an engaging tone throughout the email body as well

Getting a Separate Domain and Warming It Up Over Time

Getting a new domain and warming it up over time can help ensure that email campaigns are as successful as possible.

Allowing the domain to be used for marketing purposes gives it exposure on search engines, making it more likely to achieve high rankings, which means you will see increased engagement rates from your emails.

Getting the Right Email Lists

Another important factor is that you ascertain the right email address lists to fuel your email campaign.  Many marketers ask, “How do I get business leads?”  The answer is very simple, go back and review all the opt-in email address lists you currently have.  You may have to buy some additional email leads and run additional campaigns via social media to grow your business email leads and prospecting database.

Send Emails with Personalization

Personalizing an email increases the chances of being read and responded to. For example, when you send a cold email, make sure to include the recipient’s name in the subject line and the body of the email.

Don’t Include Links Get Replies Back from the Recipients

Including links in an email can decrease its chances of being opened and lead to lower response rates. Try to keep your emails focused on getting a reply from the recipient instead of getting them to click on a link.

Use a Good Follow Up Email Campaign Program

Follow-up emails are an essential part of any successful cold email campaign. Make sure you have a good follow-up email program in place so that you can continue to reach out to potential leads that do not respond initially.

Send Less Than 100 a Day

When you are starting, it is essential to send less than 100 emails per day. This will help ensure that your domain and IP address remain healthy and help with inbox deliverability. Sending more than this could hurt your chances of getting reasonable open rates and replies. Monitor the health of your domain and email campaigns over time to make sure you are getting the most success.

Monitor the Health of the Domain and Send Seeds to Your Self Ensuring Inbox Deliverability Over Time

The health of your domain and the deliverability of your email campaign are essential to monitoring over time. Sending a seed to yourself will help ensure inbox deliverability. You can also use a tool like Inbox Inspector to monitor your campaigns and your domain’s health.


Cold emailing is an effective way to get business leads for your campaign. By developing compelling copy, getting a separate domain, warming it up over time, and sending emails with personalization, you can maximize the success of your campaign. Also, do not forget to monitor your domain’s health and send seeds to yourself, ensuring inbox deliverability over time.


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