How to Build a Subscription Platform Like OnlyFans?

Founded by Timothy Stokely, OnlyFans is a world-famous subscription site that serves as a platform for content creators to monetize their influence. While OnlyFans is home to content creators of all types and niches, during the pandemic, it became the center of all things, adults. A growing list of celebrities like Cardi B capitalized on OnlyFans, selling content that isn’t available elsewhere. 

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to build a similar online subscription-based fan club site, this blog serves as a guide to establishing your business. 

What is OnlyFans, and How Exactly Does It Works

As mentioned, OnlyFans is a community platform or a fan club website used mainly by adult celebrities, porn models, sex workers, and adult artists. However, OnlyFans isn’t restricted to adult content alone; creators of all types, including musicians, fitness trainers, singers, actors, photographers, and writers. 

OnlyFans is just any other social platform like Instagram or Facebook except for the fact that it is based on subscriptions where users have to pay to view the content provided by creators. There is a combination of free and premium content profiles, and fans must pay for individual content or a recurring subscription fee to access the content. 

Content creators can also conduct live streaming, sell images and videos, run private shows, accept tips, and even sell their own merchandise. As the subscription business model of OnlyFans is popular these days, entrepreneurs who want to enter this lucrative industry are looking to replicate the same by building OnlyFans clones. 

Create Your Subscription Website like OnlyFans- A Step-by-step Guide

When planning to start a subscription-based community platform, don’t make the mistake of starting right away without having a plan. Resist the temptation and create a well-strategized business plan when building your OnlyFans clone. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating your subscription-based fan website.

Create a Business Plan

Before building your subscription platform like OnlyFans, have a plan about what your website will look like. Envision the clear picture by planning the details and the final outcome. A business plan in place will help to create a subscription website that matches your requirements and financial goals. 

Ask the following questions when creating a business plan. 

  • Who are your target clients?
  • What are the feature sets- both basic and advanced?
  • What are the revenue strategies you plan to adopt?
  • Why do your fans have to subscribe to your fan club site?
  • What are the marketing approaches you are going to use?

Build the Subscription Platform

The best thing about building a subscription platform nowadays is that you can access modern technology that helps quick launching and deployment. Use an OnlyFans clone script to get access to all the main functionalities of OnlyFans and customize it to bring in the necessary changes. 

Choose an OnlyFans clone script like Fanso that comes equipped with features for content management, has integrated analytics, content monetization, built-in tools for marketing, and a lot more. 

Set Subscription Rates

When running a subscription website, don’t go for a higher price. Keep the pricing plan simple; you can always increase the pricing once your business starts growing. The subscription rate you adopt has a great impact on the monthly revenue you can generate. Hence make you set the worth price for the type of content you offer to your followers. 

Find Unique Ways to Attract Subscribers

The success of a subscription website depends greatly on the total number of subscribers the platform has. If you are a content creator who already has an established fan base, don’t stop your marketing activities. Focus on bringing in new members to keep your subscription site growing. If you aren’t established, start promoting your brand on social media to familiarize your name with our target audience. 

Implement Promoting Activities That Align with Your Goals

If you want your subscription-based community platform to be profitable, you need to work on the marketing side of your business. Keep experimenting with promotion tactics and strategies to reach the right audience and convert them to make money. The marketing activities must start with identifying your ideal clients and then promoting your services; you must brainstorm efficient ways to encourage your audience to subscribe to your fan club site. 

Here are some of the marketing strategies you need to adopt to grow your subscription business.

Give Special Offers Often

There aren’t people who don’t love offers and free stuff. No matter what niche your subscription business operates on, the freemium model is the best bet if you want to attract people to your subscription platform. 

Once they become familiar with your services and are interested in paying for unique content for you, you can start charging for your service. To make it appealing to your users, keep giving discounts and special offers to your existing and new customers. 

Leverage the Power of Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest yet most powerful promotional activities you can do. Use emails to reach new subscribers, upsell your products, and notify your followers about the latest news, ongoing offers, and anything that sparks their interests. 

Partner with Other Influencers

Influencer collaborations are a new trend that can be a win-win situation for both parties involved. When partnering with another influencer in your niche or a similar niche, you get access to their audience as well, and the chances of getting more subscribers are high. 

Set Your Subscription Business Apart

Offer unique features that other adult performers or content creators don’t give to make yourself stand out from the crowd. It can be nudes, or nudes without going nude ( if you know you would know), special discounts to every first sign-up, or anything your subscribers won’t get anywhere else. 


Building and launching your subscription-based community platform is a major business decision that can help you become a multi-million-dollar business considering the popularity of the niche. Creating a community marketplace is great as you can sell your own content while allowing other creators to sell theirs and still make money (through commissions) from him. We hope this blog serves as a guide to getting started with a subscription business.


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