A Few Effective Forex Scalping Strategies For Traders

  • Updated on December 20, 2021
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Forex scalping helps one get better returns and small returns even in adverse situations like high currency fluctuations. However, Forex scalping is generally used for short-term trading, say for ten to fifteen minutes. Hence, traders opt for small returns like five pips or fifteen pips within a small time frame. 

If you are ready to try Forex scalping, it is better to opt for an experienced broker with good trading history. Moreover, choose the right pair of corrections. In this case, the success rate lies with currencies that are highly volatile to gain more chances. 

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Here are some effective techniques that can fetch you the best possible returns.

Go for Highly Volatile Currency Pairs

If you want better returns during short-term trading like scalping, choose the currencies properly. This trading method offers fast gains during a short period and provides faster results. 

Hence, in this case, volatile currency pairs are a better option. Such currency pairs usually reach the series level within fifteen minutes, which is the ideal time frame for scalping. You can choose pairs like GBD/NZD, GBP/AUD, or similar volatile currency pairs. 

Do Not Go for Dealers with a Dealing Desk

For scalping, time is money. Hence you cannot afford to lose any minute or second during trading. In this case, going to a dealer with a dealing desk can be fatal. They may open your trading position and off you ten pips. But, they will not be able to close the trading as their dealing desk may not follow the orders. In such cases, you end up losing money. 

Hence, the best way is to go to a dealer without any dealing desk who offers competitive spreads and instantly closes the desk after reaching the desired trading level. 

Manual Trading Can Also be Helpful

You might not think about it, but manual trading can be a great opportunity in the case of a forex scalping strategy. The stop-loss orders can help you to gain multiple pips at once, that too within a fifteen-minute gap. Hence, you can go for manual procedures. It will help you to trade simply minus the hassle. 

Choosing Currency Pairs That Have the Lowest Spreads

As you have already noticed, highly volatile currency pairs work best for scalping. Similarly, choosing pairs with lower broker spreads are also beneficial. The currencies with lower spreads offer you better tips than those with larger spreads. Moreover, the pairs do not consume your assets during trading and allow you to maximize your profits within a few minutes. 


Forex scalping is ideal for those who want to gain maximum leverage within a small time frame. Multiple effective techniques can help you to trade better. If you follow these strategies, you can gain a lot of momentum. 


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