Top 3 Benefits of Using Sneaker Server

Sneaker servers are slowly becoming an essential part of sneaker copping. The latter can be described as a retail reselling business that works specifically in the sneaker field.

Of course, not only resellers in it to make money are sneaker coppers. Anyone who tries to grab a pair of shoes from a limited edition when many customers storm the store’s site at once is engaging in sneaker copping. Even if you are doing it for your enjoyment and just want to collect many pairs to fulfill your sneakerhead’s dreams.

Since there are too few items to be bought and too many customers who want them, sneaker copping has evolved into a complex process where lots of tools are being used to become faster and more efficient than other customers who fight for that desired item.

 That is why we decided to outline and discuss three key benefits of using a sneaker server.

What is a Sneaker Server?

Sneaker server is another powerful computer that you can control remotely from your own devices. It’s something akin to a weaker version of a supercomputer.

When you need to do tasks that require a lot of power that your computer doesn’t have, you use a sneaker server that utilizes a lot of powerful hardware without overloading your device.

The need for using a sneaker server comes from using bots. They are also an inevitable part of a successful sneaker copping. Without this automation software, you would not be able to compete with other customers since lots of them use these bots too.

However, if you are using many bots and want them to work fast, your computers might not withstand the load that these bots place on your computer. That is where sneaker servers come to the rescue.

Powerful Resources for Your Bots

The first benefit of using a sneaker server is the significantly increased volume of bots that you can mobilize. With more bots, more tasks can be done in the same time period.

Bots work fast and use up a lot of power and internet speed from your computer. If either can’t perform well enough, your bots will work slower, and you will have to cut the number of tasks they do.

On a lucky day, you can get away with your purchase even without using sneaker servers if those bots that you use are performing just fine. But if you want to expand your sneaker copping, you will not be satisfied with those few items that you will be able to get, without starting to cop in big volumes.

You can choose a sneaker server that provides enough CPUs and RAM to make your bots work without interruptions. They can scrape many sneaker sites and proceed with the purchasing of the items that you want without needing to worry about any lags that could be detrimental to your buying or reselling plans.

Extremely Fast Connection

A more powerful computer that you use through the server also leads to a faster connection. The latter is so much better than you can forget the usual pace at which a regular internet connection works.

If you want to really know what a sneaker server is, you need to look at this difference. A regular internet plan hovers around the speed of 100-300 Mbps. Meanwhile, a sneaker server can reach 10 Gbps. The difference goes so far up to the point where it is even unfair to compare these things.

You start using bots for the speed that automation brings. But if you use too many bots, they may still improve your speed nonetheless, but not to the extent you might want them to.

With a sneaker server, your speed will be unparalleled, and the bots will work so fast that you will be able to employ as many as you wish without losing speed. That will push your sneaker copping efficiency even further, allowing you to get your hands on so many sneakers that you might not even have ever dreamt about.

Independence and Stability

Another top benefit is that using a sneaker server gives you independence from any issues that might occur on your computer or your internet connection. A sneaker server has a stable connection, which is usually much better than anything you have at home.

When your bots are using resources from a sneaker server, any drops from your connections will not have any impact on your bots. They will continue their work regardless of what is happening with your devices.

Using a sneaker server also brings a lot of conveniences. You can control the server from any device that has a connection. You don’t need to stay in front of the screen of your computer all the time. That unties your hands and lets you manage your work from any place you want.

Securing the Benefits with Proxies

Any kind of bot’s usage on e-commerce sites will attract the unwanted attention of bot hunter algorithms. They will make sure that your bots will be blocked along with you when you violate any Terms of Service for the site. 

A sneaker server would become useless if you are blocked from your activities as it has only one IP address. Proxies can be used to avoid this issue. They can change your IP address and let your bots send their requests with different IPs each time.

That makes any surveillance of your activity virtually impossible. That makes your bots free to work without you bothering about them being tracked and blocked.


Using sneaker servers is an inseparable part of a successful sneaker copping when you want to buy sneakers in huge volumes. They provide unmatched speed, powerful performance, and comfortable ways to control your bots through a server that is accessible through any of your devices. Any connection drops or your technical issues will be staying out of the way of your sneaker copping since the sneaker server will maintain running your operations and your bots all the same.


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