Why Artificial Intelligence Should be Studied Even by Humanities Students

  • Updated on August 23, 2021
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What is AI and Why is It So Interesting

Artificial intelligence is the ability of a machine to imitate human thinking. It is the way modern technology is called, with the help of which electronic devices, programs, and robots can solve various tasks according to given algorithms.

The topic of artificial intelligence and machine thinking have interested scientists even before the invention of computers, and after the advent of computers reached a new level. In the 1950s and 60s, the issues associated with the creation and use of artificial intelligence began to be widely discussed in society.

The answer to this question is difficult to find also because there are no clear criteria for the reasonableness of the machine. If it is the ability to make logical conclusions, the computer has long surpassed humans. If we are talking about flexibility and originality of thinking, then man still surpasses even the most modern intelligent devices.

AI is actively used in various fields, the list of which is expanding every year, and not only technicians, but humanitarian specialists – project managers, advertising and PR specialists, psychologists, economists, and linguists – can find their place in this field.

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What Programs with Artificial Intelligence Can Do?

Modern artificial intelligence technologies make it possible to create devices and programs that:

  • find the maximum possible solutions to one situation; machine intelligence can quickly analyze all options and calculate which one will be the cheapest, safest, most efficient. For example, AI can calculate which model or product is more profitable to produce based on data on the cost of consumables and sales volumes.
  • AI can answer any questions integrated into their system; the machine can not only find a ready-made answer in the database but also find it with intermediate leading questions that gradually narrow the field of search. The famous online game “Akinator”, when a person thinks of a character, and the machine asks questions and guesses who it is, is also based on artificial intelligence technology.
  • The artificial intelligence technology collects and processes large amounts of information, analyzes it, and combines unconnected pieces of information; this is how the picture search system in Google works.

In What Areas AI is Used

Language Processing

Machine translation is actively used on the Internet and social media, improving every year. The computer has learned to recognize both spoken, written, and printed speech. It is predicted that the translator will be one of the first professions to disappear “through the fault” of AI.

Computer Games

Artificial Intelligence is used to create a game universe, it controls bots – characters not played by humans. AI is used to create game strategies.

Financial Management

Programs and devices successfully perform accounting operations, conduct accounting and control, can create forecasts based on the available data. Special programs keep track of expenses.

Environment Analysis

Artificial intelligence technologies are used to create smart homes. A special program controls everything that happens in the house – electricity, heating, ventilation, and household appliances. Robot vacuum cleaners scan the surrounding areas to determine if they need to get to work.

Mobile Applications

Programs for cell phones can recognize faces, track our location, and monitor sleep and eating patterns.


With the help of intelligent devices, it is possible to plan a route taking into account traffic jams, the computer in the modern car in certain modes monitors the position of the car on the road, controls the speed and engine power. AI technology is used in cars that can move without human input.


With the help of special programs, it is possible to plan and publish materials on the Internet and social networks. AI technology selects content according to the interests of the user. In the near future, computer programs are likely to learn to create texts based on materials already uploaded to the Internet.


AI can analyze CVs of job seekers, classify them according to their skills and qualifications, and even determine how well an employee fits this or that position.


Artificial intelligence analyzes patient data and identifies the relationship between treatments and the patient’s condition. In the future, there are plans to create robots that will generate a diagnosis based on the present symptoms by referring to a medical database.

Heavy Industry

Robots are actively used in fields where constant concentration on performing the same routine actions is required. The highest level of implementation of machines with elements of artificial intelligence in production at the moment is located in Japan.

Why Study AI Technology


Artificial Intelligence is not only a technology of the present, but also of the future, and specialists in this field will have no problem finding jobs in the next few decades. Huge investments are already being attracted to this field, which means that there will also be no problem with paying workers involved in the development, manufacturing, and implementation of AI technology.

Contribution to Science and Culture

Artificial Intelligence and the creation of intelligent programs and devices is a field in which discoveries are constantly being made. By engaging in artificial intelligence, scientists and engineers are at the forefront of world science, advancing humanity. In addition, the development of artificial intelligence and its introduction into our lives raises many ethical and philosophical questions, the resolution of which requires not a machine but a human mind capable of creative thinking.


In the field of AI, not only software developers but also people with creative thinking who can come up with and promote new ideas are in high demand. To work in this field, it is important to be able to think outside the box. A separate perspective direction, which can be taken by a creative person – training machines to create works of art. Even today, computers draw pictures, write music and poetry. In the near future, computers may create books, movies, and cartoons.

Learning New Skills

To work in artificial intelligence, you need a good knowledge of mathematics and basic programming. Two sections of mathematics that are most important for learning AI are linear algebra and probability theory. The most popular programming language in this area is Python, followed by R and Lua. Knowledge of English will also come in handy – the most recent scientific data, articles, reports on achievements, and experiments are usually published in English. Of course, studying such sciences is not easy, but there are modern courses and research paper help online, for example, which will help the student to study.

Successful work in the AI field requires critical thinking, the ability to carefully check any hypothesis, compare all the data, analyze any problem from different angles. You will also need good communication skills – AI projects take place in a large team, in cooperation with colleagues and specialists from related fields.


Beginning to study the technology of artificial intelligence at the introductory level is quite possible on its own, with the study of relevant literature.

You can learn the basics of creating algorithms for artificial intelligence in robotics classes at your school or children’s art center. You can also find free online courses and public lectures on the Internet about machine intelligence.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence technology are some of the most interesting and promising fields, the study of which is useful for students with not only a mathematical but also with a humanitarian type of mind. It will help them acquire new skills, broaden their list of possible careers, and contribute to the advancement of science and technology.


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