Five Advantages of Using Cross-platform React Native Development

With dozens of programming languages, developers have abundant choices when creating their apps. Among the many different ones, the React Native programming language is widely used and has many benefits.

If you’re thinking about developing your app with it, you want to find the best React Native development company to do the job. Although impressive, React Native is not simple, and a true professional needs to use it if you want to create a unique and outstanding app.

In this article, we’re sharing five essential advantages of using the cross-platform React Native. If you’re hesitating about which development platform to use, read these points below, and things will become clearer for you when you learn about the benefits of React.

1. Creates an App for both Android and iOS

The main reason developers love React is that it is used for both platforms for which most apps are built – Android and iOS. You don’t have to hire two different developers skilled and experienced in other languages. This is the flagship feature of this developing program.

From one place, you’ll easily create an app that works the same in Apple items and all other smartphones and gadgets using Android. The app will look the same in both environments, which is a big plus for companies trying to build brand identity and a company image.

2. It’s More Affordable Than Other Solutions

Since you’re not hiring two different people for the job, it’s normal that you’ll hire one, and this one person will charge less than two would. That makes your project more affordable and done faster, and you’ll have a much more seamless experience in hiring developers for the job.

The price for a project like this using two developers skilled in different languages can go in several thousands of dollars. It means you can save a couple of grand by choosing React Native. It is also simpler to work with one person and agree on all details than doing the same with two people.

3. Provides Excellent Performance

This language was created by the same developers that worked on Facebook. Over time, this program has seen improvements and upgrades, just like many others. Many developers refused to use it in the past because, although highly beneficial for the developers, it didn’t show significant results in the final stage.

After the many upgrades and improvements, React Native shows fantastic performance. Apps built with it are outstanding, provide excellent results, and look amazing.

4. Easy Maintenance

With a code written for two different apps that look 99% the same, it’s easy to make adjustments or find errors along the way from the same source. In other words, whatever happens after uploading and publishing the app on both platforms, it’s easy to handle the issues knowing that the same code is responsible for both.

Air data deployment is the best feature for many, especially the end-users. All updates are made without the need for users to download new versions, but they are instantly transferred through the internet into the app—a truly seamless experience.

5. Used by a Variety of Popular Apps

Many apps use React Native. Some of the most popular ones are Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft One Drive, Microsoft Office, Walmart, Netflix, Uber, etc. All these have millions of users, and the program obviously shows excellent results.

If all of these apps use it, it’s clear that the benefits of this programming language are greater than you might think. The future of programming is changing, and soon, everyone will use this one or similar programming languages that provide a cross-platform experience.


When you’re planning to hire developers for your next project and product launch, you must consider all aspects of the development process. Many businesses will hire product strategy consultants to develop the best solutions, which is definitely a great idea.

If you’re about to build a new app for a product and want to do it for both Android and iOS, be sure that React Native is a great choice. Prepare the perfect plan, listen to the consultants’ advice, and build the best app possible. You’ll save a lot of time, money, and resources.


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