Why is 320 kbps the Best Bitrate for an MP3 File?

  • Updated on January 4, 2023
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Even if it’s the music that gets you in one additional set at the fitness center or that podcast that helps you calm down after a stressful day at work, music has become one of our innumerable motivating factors in our daily life. As music has evolved, so have digital file types and how we obtain them.

To totally understand this widely used form, you need first to know what an MP3 file stands for and does.

MP3 is a digital sound codec that compresses and decompresses a digital sound. Every minute of a song on a standard audio disc consumes approximately ten megabytes of digital data. For example, the extracted music from a disc to a PC and later turned into an MP3 is also the very moment it will compress the file into roughly 1 MB of data or one-tenth the length of the original data. 

MP3 codec compresses the length of the source file by eliminating sections of the signal that are deemed practically indecipherable. This process is known as “perceptual coding.” In other words, a few frequencies are missed during the encoding stage and cannot be recovered by trying to convert the audio to its old setting. 

An MP3’s audio resolution is assessed by its bitrate or the median size of data required per second of an audio file. The greater the number of kilobytes per second (kbps), the closer the MP3 is to the original file in terms of audio quality, but the larger the file size is.

MP3 codec yields lossy data compression on audio files, and if the bitrate increments, the sound quality is enhanced too. Here are some of the examples of audio bitrates; 

  • 32 kbit/s – mainly suitable for voice in most cases
  • 96 kbit/s — commonly being used voice or minimum streaming.
  • 128 or 160 kbit/s —bitrate of lower than the average  quality
  • 192 kbit/s – bitrate of average quality
  •  256 kbit/s – a widely utilized higher quality bitrate
  • 320 kbit/s — the maximum bitrate achievable by the MP3 standard.

Because it is the maximum quality permitted by the MP3 standard, 320 kbps is also known as “high-resolution audio.”  The file size is generally larger than any other bitrate sound file format, such as 128 kbps, 190 kbps, or 256 kbps. In comparison to these other bitrate sound file formats, they provide the greatest sound quality material. To play the material, 320 kbps indicates that 320 kilobits of data are utilized per second.

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