Resolve Verizon Email Not Working Issue with This Guide

Verizon Email Not Working’ issue is definitely quite a frustrating one as it further includes a wide range of other issues such as related to slow network connection, login credentials, email server, IMAP or POP server settings, and not proper synchronization of the web-mails, etc. So, considering these different issues behind Verizon email not working problems with webmail, today we’ve thought to cater this blog on how the Verizon users can effectively deal with the various aforementioned reasons for the Verizon email problem of Not Working.’  

However, before moving on to the troubleshooting guide that includes a total of 8 solutions for resolving the ‘Verizon Email Issue’ that you’re encountering today, fulfill the following basic troubleshooting requirements in advance—

  • Make sure that your device is up to date to the latest version. 
  • Run a scan for your device’s system to ensure that the same is not infected with any virus or malware.
  • If your device is running out of space, then free-up some space on the same.
  • Switch to Google DNS.

After fulfilling the aforementioned basic troubleshooting requirements, now you can move on to try the solutions that we’ve mentioned below to help you get rid of the ‘Verizon email not working’ issue:

Solution 1: Check Verizon Email Server

In the first place, check the server of your Verizon email service to know ‘Is Verizon Webmail Down’ because until there’s a server outage of Verizon email service, you’ll continue receiving the Verizon email not working issue or you can’t log in to Verizon. Thus, to know about the same, visit the websites like ‘’ and search for Verizon email service using the website’s ‘Search’ option. And, if unfortunately, the server of the Verizon email service seems to be down, then you can contact the local administrator for fixing the same.  

Solution 2: Ensure Network Connectivity

Sometimes, the problem of not working issues of an email service occurs due to some minor network issue. So, you can try to resolve the ‘Verizon email not working’ problem by checking the network connection that you usually used to access your Verizon email service. If required, re-establish the network connectivity with a strong network connection.

Solution 3: Optimize Web Browser

If your regular web browser, from which you usually access your Verizon email account, contains a lot of caches then, most probably this is the reason why you’ve encountered the Verizon webmail problem of ‘email not working.’ So, simply by optimizing your web browser, you can deal with the issue effectively. And, to optimize the browser, clear its entire browsing history, data, cache, and cookies via: ‘Settings > Privacy and Security > Clear Browsing Data.’

Solution 4: Disable Security Programs and Add-ons (if any)

There are chances that your antivirus, firewall settings, or add-on programs might be blocking or interfering with the process of sending and receiving Verizon emails that in turn leads to Verizon email, not working issues. Thus, in order to stop their blockade or interference, it’s a tried and tested solution that you must disable them on a temporary basis from your device. 

Solution 5: Register Properly for Setting up Your Verizon Email Account

If you’ve encountered the ‘Verizon email not working’ issue when signing in to your Verizon email account for the first time then, it may be because you’ve registered yourself properly. Thus, considering the same, let’s see the following steps to know how you can register yourself for setting up your Verizon email account properly—

  • Firstly, using your optimized web browser visit the ‘Verizon Wireless Website.’
  • Then, go to the ‘My Account’ tab and there, select the option of ‘Sign-in.’
  • Next, what you’ve to do is enter your ‘User-ID’ or else, you can enter your mobile number and Verizon account’s password.
  • After doing so, verify yourself using a ‘Secure PIN’ that will be sent to you via email, text, or call.
  • In addition, you may have to answer a ‘Security Question’ right before your registration setup process finishes successfully.

Solution 6: Check Verizon Email Server Settings

You must check your Verizon email account’s IMAP or POP settings. For your Verizon email account’s server settings though you can select either IMAP or POP, but as recommended you should choose the “IMAP” protocol as it works best with AOL, Yahoo, and all other mail services. So, you need to set up a Verizon email account again when you are facing issues.

Solution 7: Reset Verizon Email Account Password 

Despite being well-known for tightened security, many a time ‘Verizon email not working’ issues can also occur due to the possibility of changed or incorrect login credentials especially passwords. So, considering this possibility, try to solve the same simply by resetting your Verizon account password via these steps—

  • In order to begin the password reset process, visit the ‘Verizon Email Login Page’ from your regular used web browser.  [Note: To visit the Verizon email login page you have to either use ‘’ or ‘’ link because Verizon in 2017 got out of the email business and its email service then migrated to Yahoo and AOL platforms.]
  • Using either of the aforementioned links, once you reach onto the ‘Verizon email login page’ click on the ‘Forgot Info’ option. 
  • Doing so, will navigate you onto this “ forgot-password/startgoto=https consumer%2Fmyverizon%2Frouter %3FTarget%3Dnull&amp ;clientId=undefined” link.
  • There on the ‘Verizon account forgot password’ page, enter the user id that includes your ‘Verizon email address and Zip Code.’
  • After entering the same, click on the ‘Continue’ button and move further to follow the on-screen instructions as prompted. 
  • Doing so will help you receive a ‘Temporary Password’ of your Verizon email account via SMS on your registered phone number.
  • Now, you need to enter the same temporary password in the required text field, and after entering the same, you’ll be asked to create a new and strong password for your Verizon email account. 
  • In the end, once you finish entering a new (unique and strong) password for your Verizon email account, complete the Verizon password reset process simply by clicking on the ‘Finish’ button. 

Solution 8: Configure Verizon Email Account in MS Outlook Email Client

If none of the above-discussed solutions works in your case then, let us tell you that there are various other possible ways with which you can deal with Verizon email issues. For instance, configuring your Verizon account in an email client like Outlook is definitely one of them.  By doing so, you’ll be able to get rid of the ‘Verizon webmail problem’ not only at present but, also in the future as well.  Thus, to manage your account without the trouble of webmail related issues, let’s see step-by-step how you can configure or set up your Verizon email account in MS Outlook email client—

  • First and foremost, launch the ‘MS Outlook’ program on your device.
  • Then, navigate to its ‘Files’ section.
  • From there, first click on ‘Files Group’ and then on ‘Info’ option to expand its menu.
  • Next, select the ‘Account Settings’ from the available options.
  • Under it, click on the ‘Email Tab’ and choose the ‘New’ option to launch the ‘Add New Account wizard.’
  • Inside the same, check-mark the ‘Manual setup or additional server types’ box.
  • After that, hit the ‘Next’ button to reach onto the ‘Choose Service Page’ and there, select the ‘Internet Email’ radio button. This will further open the ‘Internet E-mail Settings’ window in front of you.
  • There, you’ve to first enter the user-data of your Verizon email account inside the ‘User Information Tab.’
  • In continuation, click on the ‘Type of Account’ option inside the ‘Server Information Tab’ to choose either ‘IMAP’ or ‘POP3’ as your Verizon account’s server-type.
  • Now, based on your selection of account type, enter the following given ‘IMAP’ or ‘POP3’ server settings of  Verizon email for Outlook
IMAP Server Settings for OutlookPOP3 Server Settings for Outlook
Incoming Mail Server (IMAP) Name: Mail Server (POP3) Name:
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) Name: smtp.verizon.netOutgoing Mail Server (SMTP) Name:
Incoming Mail Server (IMAP) Port: 993Incoming Mail Server (POP3) Port: 995
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) port: 465 with SSL Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) port: 465 with SSL 
Type of Encrypted Connection: SSLType of Encrypted Connection: SSL
  • And, lastly, move on to the ‘Logon Information Tab’ to input the login credentials i.e., email address and password of your Verizon account in the required text fields.

That’s all! This is how using this guide you can completely get rid of the encountered ‘Verizon email not working’ issue by resolving the different issues that cause the same. 


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