Top 5 Tech Savvy Things You Need to Own in Your Home during the Pandemic Lockdown

  • Updated on January 31, 2022
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Technology has become an essential part of our life in the past decade. Almost every aspect of our life is attached to a device in one way or another. We rely on machines and gadgets to do a lot of our work. They have made our life easier. The need for things like these has increased during the pandemic. When you can’t go out from the lockdown, you need to carry out some activities at home. These gadgets make life more bearable during the pandemic.

Why You Need These Things

The pandemic has resulted in families being confined to their homes. With people at home all the time, it gets unbearable. The chores increase and it’s difficult to do them all. Some devices take the responsibility off your shoulders.  Some replace the need to go outside. For example, you can use the treadmill to exercise in the absence of gyms. Hence, these gadgets help you in numerous ways. Pandemic life is less horrible with these things in your home.

Top 5 Tech Savvy Gadgets

There are a lot of gadgets that may help you in the pandemic. But we will list the 5 most essential ones you need.

 1. A Compact Juicer

It is difficult to go out for much during the lockdown. Going to restaurants or cafes is completely out of the question. People definitely miss the fresh beverages from these places. But you can easily recreate them in your own home using a compact juicer.

With its 1.5 liter container, you can make a healthy juice from all your favorite fruits. This one is a must-have for a healthy pandemic life.

 2. Micro Vacuum Cleaner

A dirty house is a given with all family members at home. From adults to kids, everyone adds to the mess in some ways. Even the cleanest people will have dirty houses with this many people. You must have an easy solution to this problem. We have exactly the right thing.

You can use the Micro Vacuum Cleaner to clean all this dust. From spills to dirty floors, this vacuum cleaner won’t leave anything behind. It can also brush pet hair so that’s a plus. It works on every kind of surface and has high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration. This gadget will erase your cleaning woes in a second.

 3. Treadmill

Staying at home all the time can seriously affect your fitness. The closure of gyms has affected a lot of gym-goers. Not being able to work out is one of the worst things about the pandemic. But you can get a treadmill to solve this problem.

A treadmill can help you work out from your own living room. You can easily get on it and start walking. Running can also be done if you want to do hard cardio. Some good treadmills include the Reebok AstroRide A6.0. This useful machine is available for only £559.99 and can go up to 20 kph. While you can find similar exercise machines at the likes of Morrisons, and Aldi we found the the best price available currently at Costco offers for the Reebook AstroRide A6.0, as other treadmills like the JTX Sprint 5 Home cost up to £779. The NordicTrack Commercial 1750 costs a staggering £1,599. So, you should get the Reebok AstroRide as soon as you can. Not only will it boost your health but it’s also really cheap.

 4. Dehumidifier

It’s difficult to go out and get fresh air in a pandemic. So, you have to keep the air of your home fresh and clean. That is very difficult with so many people bundled together. But you can use a dehumidifier to freshen your house.

This device controls the level of humidity in the air. It makes the air more comfortable and breathable. Clean air is essential in a lockdown as you can’t go out much. So, a dehumidifier is essential in pandemic life. This gadget controls the humidity according to your liking and allows you to breathe freely in your home.

5. Samsung Smart TV

One of the biggest challenges of the lockdown is boredom. It is really hard to spend time when you can’t go out. It’s necessary that you have some means of entertainment at home to properly kill time. A Smart TV is the best way to do that.

Samsung has the best range of Smart TVs that you can easily buy. A smart TV can be used to do many things. You can watch cable TV or any kind of streaming service. With the copious content present on Netflix or Hulu, you can easily spend your time. Other apps like YouTube and Twitter are also there to help you out of boredom. Hence, a TV is an essential purchase for you during the lockdown. You won’t be bored and can spend your time watching some quality content with your family.


The pandemic is certainly an annoyance, but these gadgets will make it less painful for you to survive and live your life to the fullest in face of all these difficulties. 


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