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NicView is designed to serve as a camera system to capture the actions made by babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Nicview is designed to permit parents to oversee their newborns, even from home. The Nicview camera system will assist parents in seeing their baby’s progress over time and the treatment done to keep their babies healthy. 

Are you facing trouble while logging on to Nicview? Or looking for the Log in Steps for Nicview, Worry less! Go through this detailed article on https www nicview net login to get a clear picture of how to connect on Nicview.

About Nicview Login

In the case of premature babies, it is essential to keep those infants under temporary medical supervision for their extensive care and make measurable strategies to tackle if anything goes wrong with the help of the nursing staff. The Nicview Webcam system is compatible with all the browsers available such as Google Chrome, WorldWideWeb, Mosaic, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc., via any device such as Smartphone, Tablet, PC, laptop, etc.

It’s hard for parents to stay away from their newborns because sometimes, even parents are not allowed to visit and see their babies while being in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). 

Nicview Login lets parents stay connected with their newborns while staying away from them 24/7. The Nicview cameras are placed next to your baby’s crib. The portal will now provide live-streaming videos of their babies. Keep in mind that the portal is secured with a strong password-protected system. 

Parents and the nursing staff have to log in with “Username” and “Password”. Their account is connected to the camera that is going to be placed at the bedside of the babies. 

Parents can also share the login credentials with their loved ones so that they can also have sight of the baby as long as they wish. The Nicview webcam system can be easily accessed by the users as the login operation is easy to use yet does not cover complexity. There would be no specialized software or additional plugins needed to access Nicview. 

The images and videos streamed by the Nicview Webcam are secured with the required security standard i.e. 256-bit SSL encryption. By logging in on Niceview parents can develop a bond between them by having sight of their newborn for as long as they wish while staying at home or working somewhere.

Requirements to Login on Nicview

Parents are now able to make their personal account to look at their baby. Before proceeding with the creation of their accounts, they are required to keep a few things handy. The list is not stretched enough. However, it does contain a few essential details. Parents are expected to meet the requirements before attempting to log in on the Nicview portal. The list of requirements is as follows:

  1. At first, parents must have access to the official website of Nicview Portal i.e.,
  1. Secondly, must have a valid or correct login credential titled “Username” and “Password” to enter into the fields while stepping ahead to the Login process,
  1. Thirdly, they must have an Internet Connection as the internet plays a vital role because without it, parents cannot access the official website of Nicview, and ultimately they won’t be able to Login on to the portal,
  1. And lastly, users must have a device through which they can access the Nicview portal. They can use any of the devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, PC, etc

Now, let’s see how parents can Log in on Nicview Portal who are willing to watch their babies from a distance.

Log In Steps on

Users have to follow a few steps for login. The Steps are

  • Step 2: After appearing on the website, you will be displayed the page with the “Sign In” button,
    nic view
  • Step 3: Kindly click on the “Sign In” button,
  • Step 4: Enter the valid and correct details into the provided fields named as “Username/email” and “Your Password”,
    Fields for Log In Details
  • Step 5: At last, click on the “Login” button that is placed under the password field to complete the process.

Now that you have access to your account, you can watch and have a look at every single movement or action done by your newborn. By logging In on the Nicview portal you can stay connected with your baby, of course not physically but emotionally. Parents can see their baby looking at them, sleeping peacefully, smiling, crying, and what else. 

Benefits of Using Nicview for Parents

Several benefits can be experienced by the parents and their family members at times, when they are willing to watch their baby or want to know what he/she will be doing. Read the details noted below to learn about the benefits in detail.

  • Bonding: The parents of newborns (who need to be in the NICU due to some disease or health-related issue), who miss the early stage of the bonding process, and miss undergoing parenthood. Nicview webcam system serves as a unique and efficient solution to overcome the problem and parents no longer need to wait until their baby gets discharged from the hospital because they can access the webcam placed near their infant to look at their child with the help of a Nicview webcam installed next to him/her.
  • Awareness: Nicview technology establishes a sense of security and confidence in the care of each kid at the NICU. Nicview has unique features like direct audio which indicates that the parents can see as well as indulge in the conversation with their newborn, real-time chats, or video updates. These features enable parents to stay updated with the progress of their infants by connecting with the nursing or clinical staff. In this way, parents also hear the communications going on between the doctors and nurses during routine check-ups. 
  • Convenience: If the infants are advised to stay under medical supervision at NICU, the phase ultimately is going to be stressful or chaotic for the family members and the phase may result in a twist in the financial job of the families. In the case of both parents working and unable to visit their infants every now and then, Nicview can help those parents by establishing a special relationship, even from a distance with their infants and letting their parents support their family while earning at the same time.

Login Issues and Solutions

Sometimes, people may encounter issues while trying to Log in on any of the websites or portals. Keep trying to stay calm; we know it’s the question of your newborns, but trust the process and wait for a while. Login issues are responsible for various factors such as

  • Incorrect Username: While in a hurry, we sometimes forget to enter the right credentials; it is suggested to always double-check your user’s name before proceeding with the login process. Users might enter credentials that are relevant to another account; it is seen in cases where users have access to multiple accounts. Also, there is a possibility that you are provided with the wrong credentials. Never forget to cross-check the user’s ID while logging on to any of the websites.
  • Wrong Password: Coming to the next reason behind facing issues while logging in, is entering the wrong password. Entering the wrong password is usually done because maybe users forget to switch the caps lock accordingly, which may reflect the alphabetical errors, or missing special characters or numbers. Always have a sight at the password before hitting on the Login button.  
  • Glitch: Glitches may hinder the login process; the glitch might occur due to the internet connectivity or issues with the technologies you are opting for. The glitches remain in the system due to unknown causes. But glitches get resolved with time so there is nothing to worry about. If you encounter any sort of glitch on your device’s screen, kindly wait for some time, or else you can restart your progress.
  • Internet Connectivity: People having slow internet connections may face issues while logging on to the Nicview Webcam system because stable or good internet connectivity plays a vital role at times of live streaming or receiving high dimension images of your infants. In this case, you can complain or connect with your internet service providers to resolve the issues as soon as possible.

Customer Support Contact Information for NicView

While accessing the visuals of your infants, if parents are facing technical errors like the image not showing, live streaming stuck, or any other issues, they can simply connect themselves with Nicview’s customer care executives by hitting the “Help” button under Sign in, to resolve the errors as soon as possible. 


To do so there are three ways through which parents can communicate with the executives:

  1. Email: Emailing them about your concerns, can be the one possible way through which you can get connected with their executives.
    Space for Details to connect Via Email
  1. Phone: There is a list of numbers provided for people from different countries. You can initiate a phone call to interact with their customer support.
    Contact Numbers for People living in Different Countries
  1. Technical Support Chat: Parents can share their concerns over chat, they can chat or communicate directly with their customer support
    Field to Connect with the Executives technically

Final Words 

The Nicview webcam technology is serving so efficiently by connecting the hearts of parents with the infants under observations at NICU from a distance. We hope reading this article will help users to gain in-depth knowledge on Nicview Login on https www nicview net.


Ans: After Logging In or creating an account, parents start getting images or live videos of their infants. Sometimes, the camera will be “offline” while the clinical staff is taking care of the baby. But worry less because while nurses are taking care of your babies, you will receive messages from the clinical staff.

Ans: No, there are no charges associated with the usage of the Nicview Portal. However, users can access its services for free (families with their infants in the  NICU’s care).

Ans: Yes, the Nicview Login portal is definitely concerned with its users’ privacy as the technology is secured with a strong password-protected system i.e. 256-bit SSL encryption, and is respectful of the Accountability Act and Health Insurance Portability.

Ans: No, users cannot get the recorded videos of their newborns because the Nicview webcam technology is responsible to provide real-time footage of the infants.

Ans: Nicview Webcam is usually controlled by the nursing or clinical staff who is taking care of your infant or available at the NICU.


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