5 Misconceptions About B2B Marketing

  • Updated on December 8, 2022
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Trying to explain what B2B marketing is can be difficult. Although you could say it is like B2C that doesn’t give you all the information. Because of this, there have been some misconceptions developed around B2B marketing which doesn’t help those trying to develop their own strategy. Let us look at 5 misconceptions about B2B marketing. 

Relationships are More Important for Sales Than Marketing

Although relationships are an important part of B2B business, there are more ways that you can generate leads and sales. By simply concentrating on one area, you are missing out on many other ways to get sales. 

If you have a website, then you should be looking at optimizing your B2B landing pages to make them easier for search results on Google and other search engines. You should also be looking toward content marketing, email marketing, and even paid ads. All of these avenues are potential areas for growth. 

Research Always Has to Be Comprehensive

While research is an important part of developing a B2B marketing strategy, it doesn’t always have to be a major undertaking. Once you have set up your B2B marketing strategy, you can become more focused on what you need to research. 

If you are developing a new product, then you need only research how that product will compete with the existing market. If you focus on this area, you won’t need to do as much research on areas that are not relevant. 

Strategy is Only Important at the Beginning of the Program

When creating a new program, strategy is vital to determine the best course to take. However, it is a myth that this is the only time you need to think about it. You need to revisit the strategy regularly to determine if it is working effectively and whether any changes are needed. 

It is also a good idea to revisit the strategy as the program goes along so you know how each part of the project is working. This data may be invaluable when you create the next program. 

B2B is Complicated and Technical

It is true to say that B2B products and services can be technical and at times, hard to understand. However, you are still dealing with human beings and this means you have to make your marketing easy to find and understand. 

There may be times when you need to include technical wording or descriptions, but for the most part, it needs to be easy to read so it keeps the reader engaged. 

B2B is Boring and Not Creative

Some people believe that dealing with companies rather than brands is boring and hard to be creative. However, the same rules apply to both brands and B2B marketing. The product or service still needs to resonate with the audience and engage their imagination. 

Businesses are still consumers in a way and so you need to target your marketing in the right way to get the sales you want. 

B2B marketing can be tough and complicated at times. However, if you stay focused and think about what you are offering your clients, then you will be able to generate leads and make sales.


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