How to Write an Essay and Get an A

Essay – a small literary work, which entered the Russian language from French literature. Denotes “weighing,” – the main thought that reflects the process or period during which the events took place. Alternative notions are a probe, an essay, or an outline, reflecting the ideology of the main thought.

Prose Free Composition

All individual considerations should add up to one formulation. They can be thoughts, observations – it is important to write down the background and lead the reader to conclusions. To get a good essay, be sure to use a reason. Weighty, wise, and preferably relevant to the main topic of the essay.

  • There shouldn’t be an exhaustive or defining point – treating only thoughts and considerations without supporting facts. It is not a theorem.
  • The essay is obliged to point to a problem, but not to give a basic way of solving it.
  • This is a philosophical genre, so the reasoning is welcome.
  • You can’t liken it to criticism – satire is allowed, statements that prove that the author’s opinion has a right to exist.
  • No “truth” can be forced, the author is only paradoxically oriented toward the possible outcome of the problem.

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The Main Indicators of the Essay – What Should be Displayed

Any genre and type of story must have defining factors that will help recognize the essay and compare it to prose, fairy tale, etc. The factors for an essay include:

  • A set topic or objective;
  • Be sure to use an analysis of the global problems of all time;
  • Personal impressions that were noticeable to the author;
  • New subjective opinion.

Allowed styles such as historical and biographical, journalistic, philosophical, literary, satire, popular science, fiction. Evaluated the worldview of the author, his ability to discern a new problem in the original existing problems, which have always been and will always be. In other words, to look from the other side.

The essay became popular recently, – M. Montaigne describes the genre in “Experiments,” 1580, but today this method of determining the ability to expound is used to assess the abilities of schoolchildren almost every trimester.

Essay Outline and Structure

  • To format your essay beautifully and correctly, you need to:
  • Identify the main theses to be used by the author – (T).
  • The thoughts should be supported by personal evidence in the observation (not public, not impose them, taking them in fact).
  • Have arguments that support the novelty and relevance of the problems (A).


  • Introduction;
  • T – A;
  • T – A;
  • T – A;
  • Conclusion.

Several theses and 2-3 arguments for each will help the reader catch the essence and thoughts of the author.

The Presence of Essay Factors

The essay must necessarily comply with generally accepted laws of narration. The peculiarity of the genre is determined by the logic of description.

You should also observe a small volume (up to 7 pages), the interpretation of subjectivity (from the 1st person), nonchalance (without insults and hostile statements), and be guided by the principle of “everything backward”.

Some formalities guide instructors when checking essays – the integrity of presentation, wording, and colloquialism. The internal structure should flow smoothly from one thought to another. This is not a diploma, where there are chapters devoted to individual situations. Despite the brevity, the conclusion is obligatory. You can label it as a rejoinder without going into detail.

Major Errors

  • Do not use tedious preambles;
  • Less verbosity;
  • Brevity is the sister of talent, without long phrases and complicated turns of phrase;
  • Do not overload the text with abbreviations and scientific terminology.

There is an exercise that helps to check the essay for the correctness of presentation:

Assign each paragraph a letter – S (short), M (medium), L (long).

  • S – having less than 10 words.
  • M – less than 20 words.
  • L – 20 words or more.

The correct essay has the order MS ML MS, the incorrect one corresponds to SSS M LLL.

Important: The essay should make the reader see a real person, create an image of him or her that will exactly match reality. If personality and details are present, the essay will turn out to be perfect for achieving not only a good mark but also a position in a company that evaluates candidates’ skills by motivation letters.


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