Office Security Tips to Help You Protect Your Business

All businesses are at risk due to possible criminal break-ins, intellectual property theft, and employee theft. Then, we also have to think about cyber threats. Business owners and office managers need to secure workplaces so that employees can do the work they have to and the entire company remains protected at the same time. 

If you want your office to be more secure, there are many things that can be done. Some of the really important ones are those mentioned below. 

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Alarm System

No matter the office, small or large, you need to have a security system in place. This guarantees that police forces respond as fast as they can. Make sure that you choose an alarm system that is suitable for your office and the entire business will instantly be protected. 


The simple presence of an alarm system deters criminals but you also should add some cameras. You can opt for spy cameras or more conventional models. No matter what you choose, be sure that recording happens all the time. You never know when one of your employees does something wrong or when burglars hit. 

Employee Screening Policy

Employee theft is a huge problem for many businesses. This is why you need to have a good employee hiring screening policy in place. You should check criminal records and you need to check all references offered. Copies of all relevant credentials and certifications have to be received and verified. A failure to have a good screening policy in place for your employees can easily lead to you hiring someone that is going to rob you. 

Controlling Employee Access

Access to business resources needs to be monitored and restricted, whenever necessary. Some options to consider include keyless entry doors and password-protected parts of computer networks. Managed access control systems allow you to restrict and disable access when employees lose cards or when employment is no longer a reality. 

Train Employees

Every single business needs a strong training program to enforce workplace security and safety. This includes things like how to lock up important documents, how to choose passwords, and how to secure the entire office. Also, you need to include a policy on confidentiality agreements and employee thefts. 

Server Room Lock-Up

If your office uses a server, you need to restrict access to people that have proper security clearance. Access control management is absolutely necessary. In addition, the location of the server room should not be accessed through common walls with other businesses. You can never be too safe. 

Disable Computer Drives

You should be able to prevent the employees from copying really important information that is the property of the business. You can do this by removing or disabling all floppy drives, USB ports, or all other connected external drives. 

Don’t Forget About Printers

The last thing to remember is that modern printers actually store documents in included onboard memories. When the printer is hacked or stolen, people gain access to those documents. Printers need to be placed in highly-secured locations and extra printed documents need to be placed in shredding boxes.


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