How Can You Learn Multiple Languages at Once?

More than 7100 languages are spoken all over the world. But sadly some of them are less spoken. A person who knows several languages at once is called a polyglot. Sometimes, we are all eager to learn many languages at once but targeting one at a time and focusing on that is important at first. Only then you can be fluent in any language. Visit Lovlan language tutors if you’re seeking to learn a language online.

AmazingTalker understands how difficult learning one language can be or even learning two languages, that’s why they offer over 12 languages for you to learn and practice! You can connect with hundreds of Online Tutors like English Tutors, Japanese Tutors, or more; and make your language learning possibilities endless! 

So, if you are about to learn multiple languages at once then Amazing Talker can be the best option for you.

How Our Brain Can Handle Learning Two Languages at the Same Time:

When the brain becomes tuned to the sounds of one language, then it is called the monolingual brain. But, on the other hand, when the brain becomes tuned to sounds of two languages it is called a bilingual brain. Though we try to crack both, one language always dominates the other. The second one can protect against Alzheimer’s as well. 

5 Tips for Learning Two Languages at the Same Time:

Learn Languages that are Different

Firstly, if you want to learn two different languages, then choose wisely. Both of the languages should be different. Start with listening. It can be music or watching movies in those languages. Feel these and then you can speak soon. Use both of these in your random talks, it will help you to practice more and everyone knows how practice makes a man perfect. 

Prioritize One Language

Then, prioritize only one language. Because of how much you work for both, every time one language dominates the other one. So sit with one at first. If you think you can manage both at the same time, at the end of the day, you will see you can not even speak fluently with one language. But when you focus on one, it allows you to build learning momentum, which otherwise can be lost when moving from one language to the next. But if you have the time and motivation then you can try for both at the same time.

Dedicate Separate Times for Each Language

After that, you need to give separate time for both languages. At least 20 minutes per day for one language and another 20 minutes for another language should be minimum. You should not cram all of it in at once. Then, taking breaks is important. Psychology says, if you take breaks after trying something, then you will come back with a boost of motivation. This will help you to be more attentive and clearer understanding of some things. You can use one language for understanding the other one, this will help to crack both at the same time. Making a schedule, working on it, maintaining regularity, and giving proper time can help you achieve your goals of learning two languages at the same time.

Use One to Practice the Other One With

Basically, it boosts your ability to multitask while you use one language to practice with another one. Using more than one language at the same time is called multilingualism.  If you are practicing speaking fluently with the language you are learning now, it is obvious that you will have some obstacles. But you can not stop and should not stop. At this time, take help from the other language and continue speaking. This will help you to increase your ability and one day you can speak both of the languages at the same time. 

Be Reasonable With Yourself

Finally, you must know the importance of being patient, and not getting frustrated. “Failure is the pillar of success”- we all know this quote. If it’s not happening now, it will happen soon but you should never stop. You are trying and that is a huge thing. Know your worth. Take breaks then come with the booster energy. Watch movies, listen to songs, and read articles in those languages. But never doubt yourself. 

Amazing Talker is a platform where you can learn multiple languages at once from the professional English tutor of your choice. Preferred ranges are also available.  US$15-28 per 50-minute private lesson and US$6-10 per 25-minute trial lesson.


So, you can learn two languages at the same time now. Overall, if you prioritize one language at a time, be reasonable with yourself, use one to practice the other one, and dedicate separate time for each language then you can do it. Finally, you all know how to juggle two languages at the same time, and you have the option of learning with Amazing Talker from the comfort of your home.


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