How To Create A Digital Marketing Strategy For Business Growth

The latest CMO survey reveals that 56% of businesses are revamping their structure to capitalize on digital opportunities, according to statistics on Simplilearn. As more businesses leverage the internet to connect with customers and make sales, conventional marketing tactics have taken a back seat. As a result, businesses across all sectors are turning to digital strategies to boost growth and success. 

While digital marketing is key to increasing online visibility, failure to plan carefully can hurt your finances. Businesses that jump into online marketing without a strategy tend to waste their budgets on boosting traffic through ads instead of building a strong foundation with an optimized website. So, whether you’re running a small or large enterprise, take the time to step up your marketing plan to make your business visible. Below are a few tips on how to create a digital marketing strategy for business growth. 

Learn Everything About Your Business

Understanding your business’s long-term goals, target customers, sales funnel, and the results you hope to achieve with marketing campaigns is essential for success. You’ll be able to allocate funds and other resources that will help you meet your goals. For example, let’s say you’re running a well-established business but want to attract more leads. Your top priority should be designing a campaign that drives new leads into a funnel and focuses on keeping them and existing leads engaged. You can achieve the best outcomes through personalized targeting and a regular email newsletter.

In addition to understanding your goals, get to know your target audience. Think about what your ideal customer likes and dislikes. Consider their age, shopping habits, location, life events, work experience, and educational background. One way to understand your audience is by creating a customer persona, then determining your value proposition. When assessing your unique selling proposition, think of how your products or services improve the customer’s life.

Understand Your Digital Sales Funnel

Before you can strategize and execute an online marketing plan, assess your current digital sales funnel. This step entails learning the customer’s journey from being just a website visitor to a repeat client. You’ll also need to learn the different stages of a sales funnel and the suitable tools that complement it. As a rule of thumb, your sales funnel should focus on awareness, interests, engagement, and action. When it comes to awareness, make sure your target audience is aware of your existence through ads on social media or by ranking well on search engines.   

Next, help your potential customers know what your brand is about and what sets your business apart from competitors. To raise interest in your venture, you might want to leverage video and web publications. After raising interest, consider keeping your audience engaged through sponsored content on social media. Aim to address problems your clients face and create room for them to ask questions. Lastly, create a call-to-action for clients to make a purchase. The best way to implement calls-to-action is by offering discounts through personalized email marketing or social media ads. 

Make Sure to Strategize

After evaluating your business goals and determining how your potential customer looks, it’s time to strategize. This means creating a short and long-term plan to boost customer confidence in your services or products. Ideally, your primary focus will be on actions that guarantee great results within a short duration while boosting long-term growth. Then, determine the lead generation tactics and channels you’ll use. 

Successful marketers suggest using your customer personas and current business assessment results to decide which organic and paid channels you want to leverage to boost traffic. At this point, you might want to seek the services of experienced digital marketers in your area via an agency.  A digital agency uses proven marketing strategies like SEO, pay-per-click ads, social media, and content marketing to help generate more leads. Expert marketers will develop a sales funnel that focuses on converting leads based on insightful data. They will also create a content marketing strategy that aligns with your overall business goals to promote growth.

Execute the Plan 

If you’re new in marketing, you’re probably wondering how a digital marketing strategy is executed? First, you need to create a review and edit plan to communicate effectively between team members and hold them accountable. Your process should include revision deadlines, criteria, and details of software programs team members will send rough drafts to. Next, you’ll want to assign tasks to each member of your digital marketing team. For example, one person can do keyword research while another writes content. You should also have the content reviewed by an SEO expert to ensure that it’s SEO-friendly. Also, create a calendar with scheduled times for different online marketing tasks.

Digital marketing has become the most powerful tool for boosting brand awareness and converting leads to repeat and loyal customers. However, to succeed in digital marketing, you must build an effective strategy. This step involves learning every aspect of your business, from marketing objectives to your value proposition and understanding your customers. You also need to construct a robust digital sales funnel, strategize, and execute your online marketing plan. 


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