How Digital Watermarking can Prevent Piracy?

  • Updated on April 9, 2021
  • Tech

Watermarks are an emerging technology in an increasingly digital world that helps protect the intellectual property of the content. This is a technology that has been used for centuries and rescued from paper documents.

However, with the development of new technologies and the advent of the digital age, where the number of digital contents is increasing, this technology has evolved into what is called a digital watermark. They are based on identification codes that are inserted directly into the content of multimedia files (image, audio, or video) and can only be detected using specific algorithms and keys. Watermarks are similar to file security fingerprints, so you can use your first name and last name to find out what caused the pirated leak.

Dedicated software inserts digital data, makes subtle changes to the original content data, allows readers to identify it later, and facilitates commerce, multimedia material authentication, and more. The mechanism or application content that duplicates or accesses the above can read the embedded data if it is equipped with specific special detection software. This allows the user to identify the content and provide an appropriate response, such as ensuring that the content is being used correctly by the user.


Digital watermarks have been proposed as an efficient solution for protecting the copyright and property of multimedia data files, with sources, creators, owners, distributors, or permissions for digital images, recorded audio, or video. The main advantage of these systems is that the brand is inseparable from the content of the file. 

Digital watermarking is not the only technology that protects copyright. One of its applications is to guarantee the security of documents and protect copyrights, but the applications are endless. The main improvements in the area of ​​copyright protection are the association between watermarks and protected materials, and the uniqueness of the brand. In other words, there is only one watermark that identifies the content, and once inserted, it has excellent robustness that does not destroy the original information and persists after modification, so the content cannot be separated. Another advantage is that if you don’t own the right software, your brand won’t be detected. If you want to Make Watermark for your content, take help from online guides. So digital watermarking is a completely safe method to use, and your privacy is also secure with this technique.

Mobile commerce

While the main applications of this technology are linked to the world of security and copyright protection, watermarking can be applied to many other business areas such as mobile commerce. In this area, this technology allows materials to be interactive by using hyperlinks to Internet content or by delivering data directly to mobile phones using cameras or PDAs. When this information is displayed on your mobile device, you can instantly share it with other mobile users. Any company can take advantage of this application by offering new services such as advertising, tickets, packages, and credit cards. For distribution over the Internet, this technology is very useful because companies can control the distribution and select and establish recipients.

Let’s know about the video watermark (Visual Watermark) an alternative for videos.

Visual Watermark is a still image that overlaps the video. You can cover all dimensions of the video, sit in the center of the video, or place it neatly in one of the corners. You can make it opaque, but in most cases, it will be transparent so that it doesn’t interfere with the video itself. This is the best technique that most of the video maker guides.

First, Visual Watermark is a great way to embed a slightly subtle brand in your online video. For example, you can include logos and taglines that help promote your business. Even a simple URL for a website can be very useful in keeping the viewer in mind.

The second main advantage (perhaps most importantly) of Visual Watermark is that they prevent the video from being stripped.


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