Look Out for These Features in a Customer Onboarding Software

Everything can be made simpler with a fantastic onboarding experience. It can be challenging to effectively onboard your customers, right? If existing clients take very long to realize the worth of your product, they can give up and start using rival brands. Fortunately, there are a variety of customer onboarding platforms available with very different sets of useful features. 

The groundwork has been done for you and we have compiled this list of the best features of customer onboarding software. Keep reading to know all about it!

Understanding What a Customer Onboarding Software Is

We refer to the procedure of informing our clients how exactly to benefit from our product or service as “onboarding”. When a customer chooses to buy a service or product, the onboarding process gets started. Even though the customer passes through the first phases of onboarding at this point, the process is not yet complete. An individual becomes a regular customer of a business after the completion of this process. A customer is only considered to be on board once they make more purchases after their initial transaction. 

The Importance of Customer Onboarding

Customers’ purchases must bring in a specified amount of money each month for the organization. When the excitement of possessing that item or using that product is still very fresh, this might be simpler in the early months.

It might be challenging to keep the same profits or image of one’s goods and services as time passes. With time, the initial appeal of one’s organization starts to fade. This extreme churn probability is prevented by the customer onboarding process.

What a Customer Onboarding Software Can Do for You

  • If you have hundreds of thousands of customers, it might be challenging to follow each one throughout their experience. The procedure is automated using customer onboarding software. This tool not only handles menial tasks, but also increases conversion rates and client retention for your organization.
  • With the right customer onboarding software product, you may be able to reveal paid-only features through helpful tooltips or recommendations, offering a tactful but efficient way to sell. A great way to increase need is to give your customers access to only some of the more advanced features while still providing a clear set of tutorial videos and lessons.
  • By guiding the customer all through the procedure using a number of techniques, customer onboarding software enhances customer satisfaction. Chatbot, emails, and instructional videos are just a few of the tools that assist users in completing the procedure quickly but correctly. Chatbot, emails, and instructional videos are just a few of the tools that assist users in completing the procedure quickly but correctly.
  • Naturally, buyers will stick with you if they think your offering is valuable. That implies that you could upsell to current clients and earn extra money. Additionally, these clients might refer you to additional clients. increasing the number of your customers. In any case, you’ll increase sales and expand your company.

Features in Customer Onboarding Software

Reporting and Analytics

The statistics, KPIs, and information are unquestionably significant to you. But what good is it if you can’t get the crucial data when you need it? You will always make data-driven choices if you use comprehensive analytics. For this, however, timely reports are just as important.

It is simple to promote new services to existing clients, encourage customer engagement, reduce drop-offs, increase customer retention, increase the potential for up- and cross-selling, and improve customer experience. Check to see that the reports are structured and sent out frequently.

Personalized Dashboards

There are various needs among users. The data that one client is seeking might not necessarily be appropriate for you. Therefore, check to see if dashboards may be adjusted to your needs.

Gaining insight into your client’s journey enables you to identify the areas of struggle for your client. This is only possible if the dashboard displays the pertinent info that you’re seeking. It reveals your weaknesses and where they are. So, be sure to consider this important feature while choosing a SaaS onboarding tool.

In-app Demonstrations, Tooltips, and More

It’s a joy to have an onboarding platform with tooltips, engaging instructional videos, and reference content built directly into the product. You may easily open and view all onboarding materials and training in one dashboard with “no programming” needed. It’s crucial to give useful suggestions at the appropriate date and place.

Interactive on-screen instructions assist users to understand how to utilize your product one step at a time. Viewings, completion rates, and customer satisfaction ratings for each video offer a quick perception of how customers are using the guides. The software by itself will make it easier for you to navigate once you begin to use it. 


It is crucial to impress your clients right away as they sign up for your product. The easiest way to do this is by having a great onboarding process for new customers. Due to this, your attention should be on onboarding solutions that will enable you to provide customer service excellence. After deciding what you want your platform to accomplish, consider the features mentioned in this article.


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