Does Equipment Matter in Gaming?

  • Updated on January 23, 2023
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Are you confident in your accuracy and reflexes as a gamer? – Confident enough to think that you can win without a good gaming system and setup? If you are then share your secret with me as I am in desperate need of some confidence – but – if you aren’t, then I think I know what the problem is, and it is definitely not you.

You can have the craziest eye coordination and the sharpest reflexes and still lose to a gamer with better equipment and poor skills. Just think about it – you’re in the middle of a match, and your mouse starts lagging – Pretty frustrating, right? Believe it or not, choosing the right equipment can not only save you in a match but also improve your skills!

So, let’s discuss which equipment plays a huge role in gaming and how you can choose the right one.


Let’s start with the monitor, which is pretty important in both online and offline games. Imagine you’re in the middle of a match in Apex Legends, you found the guy, but the very next second you find out that you’re dead. Why? Three words – High Input lag. What’s that? Basically, it’s the amount of time it takes for your monitor to display the signals sent by the GPU.

Having a monitor with high input lag can definitely mess up your game without even making you realize it. In shooting games, every second count and the smallest misstep can lead to your loss. It is also important when you play in online casino and want to use no wagering bonus spins as you can lose all winnings because of a technical error.  What’s more, having good reflexes will not help you if your monitor itself is lagging. However, a monitor that has a low input lag of about 20ms will save you in so many situations.

Another important thing you should keep in mind is the size of the monitor. Usually, people think a large screen would help them see the enemy better, especially my fellow gamers who have poor eyesight. Trust me, I feel your pain, but a large screen will do anything but help you in seeing better. Just think about it – the larger the screen is, the more difficult it is for you to keep an eye on every part of the screen, right? You can use a 32-inch display and it will do wonders for you.

Gaming Headset

A good headset is the most essential part of the overall equipment, especially for online shooting games. Most people don’t realize how a good headset can actually help you in video games, thinking that only a good aim matters – they couldn’t be more wrong. Games like Overwatch and Call of Duty allow you to hear a lot of details including the enemy’s footsteps, which can be a pretty game changer.

What’s more, the microphone also matters a lot in online gaming where you have to coordinate well with your teammates. One of the qualities of a good headset is that your teammates can hear you loud and clear without any background noise. Now, what to look out for in headsets then?

Typically, we look for more flashy headphones with RGB colors and a cool design – that’s everything you need to avoid. The design and lights are all for marketing and don’t really do much in terms of performance. Headphones like the Razer Kraken Pro not only have incredible performance but are also lightweight, cheap, and with a cool design. The Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic headsets are also quite popular amongst pro gamers. Make sure to look for a lightweight and durable headset – comfort comes before anything else!

Gaming Mouse

One of the most important things in a gaming setup, that all gamers swear to, is a good mouse. Most gamers are well aware of the importance of a mouse, but what they don’t know is how a good mouse is much more than just the dpi figures. You can buy the most expensive and popular mouse out there yet still notice no improvement in your gaming. In fact, your skills might even get worse!

If you didn’t already know that then I know what your next question is, “What can a mere mouse need more than the DPS? The trick with a good mouse is that you should know what your hand is comfortable with. The size of the mouse matters a lot! Especially the settings you use as well. The key thing is to take note of your hand size and buy a mouse with the build you’re most comfortable with.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry too much about the dpi figures in your mouse. An average dpi sensor should do the trick in games like Apex and Fortnite. On that note, if you want to skip all the grinding and have the best skins and rank that you want, you should definitely check out Fortnite accounts and apex legends accounts where you can get straight into the action having everything that you need to become the best.

Gaming Chair

gaming chair

Last but not least, the object that you should definitely have in your gaming setup to improve performance is a gaming chair. How the heck can a gaming chair help? Believe it or not, but a gaming chair can make a huge difference in your performance as well as health.

Let me ask you a question, why are you looking to improve your performance and buy the best equipment? It definitely isn’t because you just want to throw in some cash and only play an hour every day surely? If you’re passionate about gaming then you definitely play for longer periods of time, right? If so, then a gaming chair is what you need the most. Intense gaming in a poor chair can serve as an obstacle for you in truly enjoying the whole experience along with a number of other issues like posture problems, back problems, and neck pain.

Therefore, a comfortable chair not only allows you to fully enjoy the games you play but also improves your performance and your health.


Being passionate about gaming can always make you want to throw in some extra dollars whenever you can, particularly if it improves your performance. There is absolutely nothing wrong with spending money on what you love, but it’s critical to beware of misleading advertisements. Usually, expensive gaming setups are glamorized and advertised as a must-have, but in reality, they are just good for the aesthetic and nothing more. Save your cash and use it on your favorite games instead.


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