Best Hacks for Playing Unavailable Games in Canada

  • Updated on November 8, 2022
  • Gaming

Gaming is a perfect way to relax and let yourself go. Apart from being a recreational and entertainment activity, some modern games can induce creativity. They let you hone your mental skills while you overcome boredom and tedium. Some games can even become a source of income for you as you participate in Esports tournaments and competitions.

Canadians love playing games and socializing with their fellow players in other parts of the world. However, some video games are banned or geo-blocked in Canada, and you can’t access them under normal circumstances. These geo-restrictions can possibly ruin your mood and leave you frustrated.  

However, you can use a free VPN in Canada for gaming to unblock unavailable games, though free VPNs aren’t as reliable as premium VPN apps. We suggest you take advantage of the 30-day free trial of any top-rated VPN like ExpressVPN to enjoy your favorite games risk-free.

Moreover, for an ultimate gaming experience, your equipment matters a lot, and if you prefer a laptop for gaming, here’s how to choose the right gaming laptop.

In a digital world where everything seems to be geo-restricted nowadays, it’s normal to look for ways to overcome the “content unavailable” issue. Let’s reveal the best hacks for playing unavailable games in Canada.

Get a Virtual Private Network

This is a tried-and-true method that internet devotees use to prevent a variety of annoyances. Any content that is restricted in your region can be accessed with the help of a dependable VPN. With VPN, you can access the web from servers in foreign countries where the content is freely available.

A decent VPN will disguise your IP address and encrypt your connection. In addition to DDoS protection, you also enjoy a steady connection that reduces latency and freezes while you play the game.  

When searching for methods to access geo-restricted gaming material online, ExpressVPN and SurfShark are both excellent solutions to take into account. Online gamers frequently struggle to access any games that are restricted in a certain area. Valorant players, for instance, found it difficult and had to play Valorant via a VPN to gain access.

The advantage of these VPNs is that they can be set up on your network and connect with the majority of current PCs, consoles, and mobile devices.

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Use Proxy Servers

Another option to access geo-restricted games anonymously from the providers is using Proxy Server. While many of them give free proxy addresses, others demand a subscription charge. However, proxy servers mostly work by preventing other web users or websites from detecting your IP address. Your online traffic is perceived as coming from the proxy server address rather than your IP address.

The main problem is that, particularly if you are an ardent or regular gamer, proxy servers might not be as dependable as VPNs. Free proxies also have restricted bandwidth and bad gaming experiences due to traffic overcrowding. They are not completely secure in terms of cybersecurity because IP leaks are relatively frequent. 

Change Your Country in Your Mobile App Store

If you play your games on an Apple device, it’s common to run upon applications that aren’t accessible in Canada. This happens frequently, and most of the time all you have to do is to get a new Apple ID and the location where that app is licensed.

Navigate to Settings on your Apple device and go to iTunes App Store. Select Apple ID, View, then Account Button one by one. Choose the Location/Country option to change your current Region or Country. Read the T&C thoroughly, choose your preferred new country, and press Agree when finished. Android users can change their location on Play Store via a similar but more detailed process.

Alternatively, you can also use an online APK service or third-party store to install and download tons of programs on any device. You can install Android applications without a Google account through Evozi, Aurora Store, Aptoide, and APKMirror, to name a few.

With these programs, you can essentially impersonate your device’s information, location, and language, to quickly access content that is blocked or inaccessible in your home country or on your device.

Switch Your Location on Microsoft Store

Whenever you think about computerized gaming consoles Nintendo, Microsoft’s Xbox, and Sony’s PlayStation cross your mind. But, the majority of gamers nowadays choose Xbox because Microsoft is tolerant when it is regarding access to geo-limited gaming content on the internet.

With the language and location options on the Microsoft Store, you can easily shift your current Xbox account to a different area without having to create a new one.

Users of Windows PC can find these options under Start menu > Settings > Language & Time > Location. All you need to do to change your location is choose a new one from the “region or country” drop-down menu. When you open Microsoft Store from your Windows PC, you will notice that these settings have been modified.


The geo-restriction message, “sorry, this game is not available in your country” is annoying to the core, especially if you play online games with most of your game buddies living in other parts of the world. However, by using one of our hacks, you can bid farewell to geo-restrictions on video games and can unblock any game you want to play in Canada.

So, get a VPN app, grab your game controllers, and let off some steam!


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