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Keywords are the words and topics that define what your content is actually about. In terms of SEO, they are the words, topics, or phrases that searchers use to search for something they are looking for in search engines. When people search about something in search engines is also known as search queries. When you enter keywords and phrases on the page, you get images, videos, news, etc., about the keyword you have put in the search engine. As a website owner and content creator, you will want the keywords on your page to be relevant enough with the people searching for the question on the search engine. In this way, you will get the chance of your content to show up at the top among the result, and you will get more views and clicks on your website. You can use an online free word counter to know the exact number of words, sentences and characters present on your web page.

Importance of Keywords-

  • Keywords are essential as they link what content people are searching for and the content you provide to fulfil that need. Your goal in ranking should be to drive organic traffic on your website with the use of search engine result pages. Therefore, choosing the keywords is very significant. The keywords you select to target will result in determining the kind of traffic you get in return.
  • Suppose you are the owner of a golf club; you will want to attract those interested in playing instead of those not interested. Therefore, you should consider the best keywords; otherwise, you will get the traffic not interested in your golf club.
  • Keywords are centered on the audience as they tell what your content is about. To create content that ranks high with organic way and drives traffic of visitors to your site, you need to know what your visitors want and looking for. Therefore, you should focus on the language they use for search and the type of content they go through.
  • You can know about how and what people search by asking the information from your customers, getting filled with frequent forums, and also you can talk about it with community groups. In this way, you will better position your keywords.  Free online character counter is a tool that you can use for better results as you will be able to add desired number of words on your website in order to make it more visible. Now I’m going to discuss long-tail keywords.

What are Long-tail keywords?

  • Long-tail keywords are the specific combination of various terms that are searched together in the search engine. When searchers use 3-4 words combination in the search bar to get the result are termed as long-tail keywords. Head keywords are those that are far-reaching and broad.
  • Singular words appear to be the ultimate goal of various sites due to they have high search volume. However, singular keywords have incredibly high competition than long-tail ones. For example, you will be hoping your boutique clothing store to rank for the keywords “clothes,” but it is difficult to rank higher than Zappos and Nordstrom. To check the rank of your keyword, you can go using an online keyword rank checker to get accurate results.
  • If we talk about solid competition, a singular keyword like “dog” will not let you know what searcher is looking for because you do not know what they want. If they want the list of dog breeds, information about dog food items, a place to purchase the dog from, or a site to look out at pics of dogs.
  • Long-tail keywords help know what searchers are looking for, and they will get the result accordingly. For instance- the best food items for dogs or dog walkers within the budget. In this way, you know what the searcher is looking about Because it will tell you more specifically what searchers want and searching.
  • You will have gotten the idea of Long-tail keywords are less competitive, with room for smaller sites to break in and establish their mark on search engine result pages(SERP).

Using Keywords on Your Website and Pages:

  • Creating compelling content is a must if you want your website to get successful. However, it is not good that just putting the keywords without forming a strategy or research. Compelling content will help in providing real value for real people. It is not about sending hints to robot friends at google. There are some rules regarding the usage of keywords that you should consider to get started.
  • It would be best if you prefer to use unique keywords on every page of your website. You should make sure that keywords are relatable with the search where humans and bots look for the content.  You have assured them you have what they are looking for. You can opt for an online keyword rank checker to know the rank and performance of keywords to improve your keyword strategy.
  • You have to make sure the title tag and body content on your website should be relatable. Titles play a significant role in getting clicks, and also if your keywords are relatable to your content, you will see the power of keywords.
  • The use of keywords in the relatable areas of your content and website is the simplest way to target searchers towards your content. It is not going to happen immediately. You have to be patient and confident enough in yourself. If you are not considering these essential points, you will be far away from ranking. Keyword position checker can help you position the keywords at the right place to generate good results for you.
  • It would be best to form a strategy to get the best use of keywords used in the website. Keywords define the content written on pages of your site. You can organize the keywords and formulate a plan to get the best outcome for them.
  • You can go for research about your competitors that how they are ranking higher than you. For example, what kind of keywords are they using? This way, you will do the competitor analysis, which will help you get ideas to improve your website ranking.

Count words online free tools definitely have plenty to offer especially if you apply them properly. You will not waste your words and the chances of ranking your site quickly will increase many folds.


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