Combine ITSM and ITOM to Make Your Business More Strong

When determining how to scale up your business, you will probably think more about managing this big staff. It is not challenging to start a business; a more daunting task is to scale up because you will need more staff, and that is where the problem begins. Having a big team of employees leads to several hindrances to meeting your business goals. In this era of competition, everything has come down to giving the best experience to the customers because they have too many options already.

The big companies in the game are already giving the best experience to their employees and customers, which puts too much pressure on an organization. The secret sauce to your problem is combining ITSM and ITOM to flourish your business and deliver the best experiences to customers.

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Table of Content

  • What are ITSM and ITOM?
  • ITSM vs. ITOM
  • Why Should You Combine ITSM and ITOM?
  • Advantages of Combining ITSM and ITOM
  • Conclusion

What are ITSM and ITOM?

ITSM (IT Service Management) helps in managing the queries and issues of its customers. ITSM also designs, builds, and controls the IT services given to its customers. However, according to the latest reports, organizations use 35% of ITSM mainly to support their customers. ITSM focuses on providing better work experiences to the customers based on their expectations and needs.

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Whereas, ITOM (IT operations management) manages IT-based operations such as cost, performance, capacity, security, and monitors the overall system health and uptime. In simple words, the IT operation management team executes seamless functioning of IT operations to provide smooth IT services to the customers of its organization.


As we have discussed ITSM and ITOM individually, and now it’s time to understand their similarities and differences. The term itself makes things a lot clearer. ITSM manages IT services, meaning that it is more concerned about customers’ experience and the quality of IT teams’ IT services. Their services are more visible to the outsiders of IT. In comparison, ITOM focuses more on internal events, such as examining the work process and closely monitoring employees’ performance to increase efficiency.

Let’s check out this real-life example to understand the differences between ITSM and ITOM. Imagine being at a restaurant. The restaurant’s service management team deals with waiters and kitchen, food, and the menu card as it is more involved in end-user activities. 

Whereas its operations management team deals with the restaurant’s internal and infrastructure issues: air conditioning, furniture, lighting, subtle music, convenient billing system, internet connection, all-in-all it manages and ensures the well-functioning of the internal issues. Both of them have different sets of activities. However, if combined, they help the organization manage all the activities within and outside of the business. And that’s how ITSM and ITOM works.

Why You Should Combine ITSM and ITOM

Your customers do not care about ITSM and ITOM, and they are only concerned with how fast you can solve their queries. By combining these two activities, you can provide a better experience to your customers and employees, which will eventually lead to the growth of your business and make it more resilient. Big IT companies are already providing top-notch services to their customers, which has raised the bar of their expectations. With the increasing expectations of customers and the dynamic nature of the IT industry, combining these two has become essential to shift toward more goal-oriented operations of the organization.

By unifying these two, an organization can work to its maximum potential and generate profits exponentially. However, it is almost impossible for ITSM and ITOM combined to produce results if the IT data of the organization is not efficiently stored. A Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is a significant component used to store hardware and software assets of an organization for a more systematic approach towards the storage of data.

ITSM and ITOM are somewhere interlinked, even when they have a different set of activities. However, if you are thinking of applying to any one of them, which you can, it would augment your problems. Following are the issues and their impact on businesses on using them in silos:

·       Reduce the overall productivity of the organization

·       Poor experience to employees

·       Wasteful expenditure

Advantages of Combining ITSM and ITOM

We have already understood what ITSM and ITOM are and the significant need to combine them. Now, it’s time to examine the advantages of unifying ITSM and ITOM:

Reduce the Cost with Swift Response to Issues

The data shared with both ITSM and ITOM teams ensures quicker and more effective resolution to issues. A team to manage the IT issues allows an organization to increase its efficiency, leading to better results.

Better Work Experience to Employees and Scaling Up the Business

The proactive approach of the professionals and automation allows employees to focus on the organization’s central goal. Also, the lesser workload on the heads of employees increases their efficiency. This leads to the growth of an organization.

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Delivering Excellent IT Service to Customers and Employees

Hiring professionals to execute integrated ITSM and ITOM will provide a better experience to the customers and employees. Data sharing helps them determine the severity of issues and automatically prioritize the problems and resolve them accordingly.

Modifying the IT Work Operations

The advancement in technology, automation services, and AI helps reduce the work done by people in ITSM. It also eliminates the work done by machines in ITOM, leading to better results and reducing the overall cost.


An organization can operate without these two. However, the results may not be in favor of the organization. Although organizations can work with one of them, some thought of combining these two, and the results were terrific. Unifying these two could be one of the best things you would ever do to augment the results and efficiency of your business. Now you have understood the whole concept of ITSM and ITOM, and why you should combine them. There are some companies, which can help you with the implementation of ITSM and ITOM altogether. It could be the best investment. And the outcomes would allow you to meet your business goal efficiently.


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