How Can I Search Goods by Image?

In the last few years, search engine technology has developed exponentially. In the past, if you saw a person on the street and liked their clothes, it would be impossible to guess what they were wearing without looking at the tag. However, if we are not talking about famous brands, things get even more complicated. The same can be said about furniture, works of art, pet accessories, and more. 

Today it is easier to find that desired object with the help of the Internet. We have many handy tools to assist us in our quest on marketplaces like AliExpress. Here you can find tons of interesting items if you are after something particular, and if you are at a loss of how to identify them, you can do so using the AliExpress search by image Chrome extension.

What are We Looking For?

Time is a valuable asset that needs great management. Unfortunately, most people still struggle to prevail over their everyday routine. Imagine that your grandmother asked you to find those great shoes she liked so much, but she’s forgotten the brand. However, you have a picture of her wearing them. What would be your first step in the search process? Many would simply purchase a pair of new boots regardless of their similarity to the ones your grandma wanted. They want to find the right ones; they just do not have enough time for that endless hunt. 

We are in a transitory stage in our development where even art is digital. So basically, pictures and images are everywhere. The Internet has a vast database of images for many purposes, like school projects, work presentations, advertising, and product demonstration. Here you can see the whole range of excellent search engines like Google images and other services that provide search solutions. 

Another area of life where we need pictures is travel. If you see a picture of a particular place and would like to discover its location, there is no need to visit the store and buy a map. Everything is accessible online. Go to Google maps and explore the map there. The service even offers you a panoramic view of the city streets or various pictures from other places. 

Let’s go back to those shoe problems. Sure, you can use Google or another browser image option and seek a solution there, though it would be more convenient to use something more efficient. A little helper that gives you a hint of where to look first. Go to AliExpress market. It is a platform for shopaholics that have everything. Sometimes it has too many things when you need to find just one. That is why trying the image search via a unique extension is faster and better.

Why is Searching by Picture Faster?

The Internet leaves many doors open for people who want to find something, whether a song, an article, or maybe a movie. The real difficulty arises when you wish to seek a specific thing like an armchair, t-shirt, or a cute house for your dog, just like the one you have seen in your neighbor’s house. Sometimes, it might be just a weird something, and you stumble upon your search because you do not know its name. Here are services that allow you to look for similar items and their descriptions online. 

Another tough side of searching is when you need to find similar stuff but at a lower price. Even if you know what it is called, you will probably need to surf through a hundred websites to compare the prices and reviews from other customers. That list may be long enough to kill the whole weekend. So, stop wasting your most precious asset. Instead, download the Chrome shop assistant and enjoy your purchases.

Advantages of the Inbuilt Tools

You will require a few minutes to get used to a new Chrome extension or any other tool for that matter. Then, you just need to take a picture of an object you like and upload it. The tool can show you similar images and even their prices, so you get to choose the best deal. This shopping assistant has some other vital perks:

  1. It is easy as ABC. Your grandmother can download the extension tool and read the supporting push messages as a user’s guide.
  2. It is the fastest way to find something in a marketplace.
  3. It is convenient to see the exclusive offers.
  4. It saves time for your routine and work tasks.

All you have to do is take a photo on your smartphone or tablet, upload it via the AliExpress Chrome extension, and start looking for deals.

How to Minimize the Search Process

This vibrant digital world can surprise even an experienced user because it has shown a lot of great products. But what should you do when you already know exactly what you want? How do you find it among millions of offers? The answer is clear, use suitable software to launch the automated search by image or check the image conversion. Then, the chances of discovering your treasure will significantly grow. Simply get a photo from your social network or take a new one, upload it and enjoy your results.


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