How to Promote NFT Art?

  • Updated on March 14, 2022
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With much controversy around NFTs and at the same time hundreds of new fans every day, this sphere remains the talk of the web. Some people seek to buy digital art and earn profits, some just want to follow the trend, and others just hope it slows down soon. 

Anyway, whether or not you think it’s a craze, NFTs remain popular and continue to sell for millions. But what if you’re a gifted artist with the potential to influence the world with your art? How to promote NFT on the Internet? 

This article discusses the known ways to advertise your NFT and let your art catch on. 

Why Should Talented Artists Go in for Promotion?

The digital world we live in is where nothing happens without informing the masses. So, you should not be shy to attract more attention to what you create and popularize the messages behind every piece. 

So, the main reasons to get serious about promoting your creations are: 

1. Getting a Wider Audience of Potential Buyers. 

The more attention your NFTs get, the easier it will be to sell them. Don’t stop just at minting NFTs – think about marketing moves such as launching ads or spreading info through social media. 

2. Being Noticed by Other Creative People. 

While NFT promotion is about monetizing your hobby, this is also about recognition and finding ‘soulmates’ who understand your virtual art and are willing to complement it. 

Promoters can get the attention of other artists more easily and build some foundation for collaboration. This will be a benefit both for your brands and for earning. 

Okay, it seems that you are already convinced to promote your NFT. But you still can ask yourself, ‘What shall I start with? Wh promotion ways are good for me?’ 

Best Free Ways to Become a Recognized NFT Author and Capture Audiences

1. Use NFT Calendar. 

This is the number one way to tell the world about your NFT collection. Using the calendar, you won’t have to cover different platforms and waste your time integrating your art there. 

This unique tool will show your collection to those already interested. To place a drop at the calendar, provide the following details:

  • the title of a collection or single artwork and its description
  • details about the author 
  • the main visual
  • 1 marketplace where the NFT is presented
  • the active link to this release
  • time and date of the drop

This is a perfect way to announce the rise of a new collection, especially for young and inexperienced authors, since the calendar is free. 

2. Tell About It on Social Media. 

Suppose you’re used to renewing your page quite often and preparing the audience for the new info events. In that case, you can do it yourself – announce releases, advertise your previous collections, or repost other artists to get the feel of the NFT artistic community. Try and see! 

It also won’t be extra to tell the readers what non-fungible tokens are and why they are valuable. 

3. Discuss Your Promotion with the Chosen Marketplace (or Several).

Besides focusing on advertising at all possible platforms, pay enough attention to how your collection is presented on the marketplace. For example, among thousands of NFT collections, marketplaces usually have a separate page for those art pieces that stand out. 

For example, at OpenSea, they are grouped according to categories, but there are a section’ Notable Drops’ at the top of the home page. These are renewed once in a while, and some platforms even might offer an additional advertising project such as announcing countdowns on Instagram or Twitter. 

On many other platforms, those artworks finding themselves in ‘Features’ get promoted on social media automatically. 

4. Try Crowd Marketing. 

This idea might not be for everyone. Count it a method with a star (*). 

Crowd marketing implies that a person initiates discussions on popular platforms like Quora or Reddit to present their collections and popularize them. 

As a rule, they use other accounts (which may seem dishonest), and the more frequently this account name appears in the discussion, the better this person’s NFTs are advertised. 

So, that is basically how to promote NFT art if you are not ready to pay for this promotion yet. But, if you’re a young and promising artist, make use of these ways and let everyone know you’re amazing! 

What are the Worthiest Paid Ways to Popularize NFT Art Collections?

All methods are good when you want to win attention and promote what really deserves a promotion. Here are some best ways to do it for pay. 

1. Order a PR Article About this Collection/Interview with You. 

In NFT advertising, you need to draw more interest in your personality and creative works. So it’s brilliant if a reputable influencer does this work with a strong word in the sphere. 

Later on, you can share this article or video on every social media you’ve got. 

2. Look Out for NFT Communities on Instagram or Twitter. 

For example, a page on Instagram can write a detailed post about your art, include it in stories, or organize a live stream with you as a guest. Here possibilities are endless, but try to choose something you feel comfortable about for the first time. 

Mind also that some communities charge higher prices than others, so it should be a calculated step. And make sure to check reviews or ask people who have already partnered with the page to avoid dealing with scammers. 

Sure thing, there are other ways to get an excellent promo, but we included only those paid ways that we are confident in. 

Still, as a bonus tip, we would like to make the final point about NFT art promotion: be open to collaborations and try to initiate them. Remember that art is for sharing, and the best way to become more powerful in this sphere is to include other people and value their creativity. 

If you want some more info on the latest and most popular NFTs, visit Top NFT Collections. It’s easy to see the price changes and other crucial information on them as you’re finding your way around. 


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